Americans celebrate Memorial Day with touching Instagram posts

While the weekend brought backyard barbecues, outdoor picnics and beach adventures to our Instagram feeds, Monday was reserved for touching tributes to those fallen in battle.

The hashtag #MemorialDay saw several posts from cemeteries and memorials from those honoring relatives and friends who served the country. Instagram was also overflowing with beautifully filtered images of the American flag.

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Take a look at how the country shared Memorial Day celebrations on social media.

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Netflix customers charged up to 8 times in billing error

Over the weekend, a number of Australian and New Zealand Netflix customers were charged multiple times by the U.S. streaming video company in an apparent billing error.

Netflix users took to social media to voice their concerns, with some complaining the excessive subscription charges had drained their bank account.

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Australia reacts to Ireland’s revolutionary same-sex marriage vote

After Ireland became the first country to legalise same-sex marriage by popular vote, Australian politicians and the public took to social media to express their opinion on the topic — with an overwhelming number calling for a similar change Down Under.

On Twitter, past and present Australian politicians from the traditionally left-leaning parties, including independents, the Australian Greens and the Labor Party, expressed admiration for Ireland and support for marriage equality in Australia.

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Beware! Instagram followers know where you live

What is a geo-tag? An automatic tag which marks your geographical location on social media.

Geo-tags can be a great thing for a business on social media. Highlighting a location of a snap or video, can be a fantastic way to promote your local business to others. Your followers love to see new visual content, but what happens when your app has a secretive way of keeping tabs on you?

Local businesses beware – Instagram followers know your home address!

Much to the surprise of a local photographer, Danielle from Make Way Media, this tagging system had even been pin-pointing her uploads from

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LinkedIn Company Admin – How to add and remove admins from your Company page

So you’ve created your Company page. What now?

You should probably add other members of staff to the LinkedIn Company Admin list so that they can add content too. This will spread the workload and make life easier for you.

To add a Company Admin, just follow these steps:

First of all, go to your LinkedIn company page. To get there, click on your profile picture at the top right hand side of your screen and find the company page section on the drop down menu.

Click on this.

Next, find the blue Edit button at the top right of the page and give

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