Adwords Preview – How To Check Your Ads In The Sponsored Links

adwords preview toolThis is one of my favourite tips for Adwords campaign management.

A great way to check whether or not your paid adverts are actually showing for the keywords you have selected in your campaigns.

You should never click on your own ads’ links – you will be charged each time, just as if you were a regular searcher.

However, if you continually check on your ads without clicking on them, Google will stop showing them to you because it is intuitive – it will believe that you don’t want to see those ads because you never click on them and give you others instead.

Using Adwords Preview

Log into your Google Adwords account and select the required campaign. Then click on this link or copy and paste it into a new window to use the Adwords Preview tool.

Type the keyword you want your ad to rank for into the box and a green YES or a red NO will let you know if your ad is showing in the Sponsored Links section of the Search Engine Results Page.

If it is, you can scroll down to see an example of what it looks like to other searchers. Remember, it may be at the top of the page, in the right hand sidebar or at the very bottom of the page, below the organic listings.

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