TOWIE – The Only Way Is Essex

Am I the only person who hasn’t watched an episode of the phenomenon that is The Only Way is Essex?

The idea of spending my valuable time looking at women with fake tans and boob jobs, who continue to popularise this strange idea that Essex is made up solely of such females going out with diamond geezers, fills me with horror.

Whilst I admire Posh and Becks for what they have achieved through their football and musical talents, the real awe is reserved for their respective marketing teams who have made them into the global celebrities we are forced to look at whenever we pick up a glossy magazine.

I am an Essex girl and I did once dance around my handbag wearing white stilettos and big, bleached blonde, Bon Jovi hair.

But my boobs are my own and I will not be getting a spray on tan or Botox.

Local Elections in Southend-on-Sea

I am indebted to Julian Ware-Lane for publishing the details of all the candidates standing in the various Southend and Leigh-on-Sea boroughs for our local elections.

Searching online it is almost impossible to find a definitive list in a form that is easy to read and understand.

It’s difficult enough trying to decide which of the ‘grey’ people will have my best interests at heart locally and now I have to decide how I want to vote for those people in the future.

I have always thought that the current first past the post system seemed rather unfair with huge swathes of the country rigidly fixed in traditional voting postures that seem to have no bearing on the policies of those being honoured with their suffrage. However, the idea of being reliant on a series of machines like those in America which seem to have a propensity for going wrong at the worst possible moment, e.g. the fiasco in Florida some years ago.

I did find a great article explaining some of the arguments that have been put forth about AVP – the intermediate step towards possible proportional representation.

An A-Z of Rubbish Arguments About No2AVP

However, the one thing that has really tickled me is the confusing explanation using chocolate bars:

But the no campaign’s claim that AV gives some voters two votes, also made by former foreign secretaries led by Douglas Hurd, is equally absurd. As Jo Swinson, Liberal Democrat MP for East Dunbartonshire, said on last week’s Question Time, if I ask you to buy me a Mars but a Mars is not available and I suggest you buy a Twix instead, I will not receive two bars of chocolate. A transferred vote is not a multiple vote.

Unless things have changed in the many years since I last bought a Twix, it has always comprised two chocolate coated biscuit sticks.

Whatever way you do decide to vote, please at least set foot inside a polling booth and exercise your right to do so – as my Nan always said: “Women died so you could put your cross in that box”.

I shall be making my way to one of those little green huts to do just that.

We Want To Work… in Southend and Leigh-on-Sea

Will you be recruiting this Summer?
A brand new website portal devised by an Essex couple is the first of its kind in the UK, and is set to revolutionise recruitment. is unlike all other internet based services, as here the employers and jobseekers can contact each other directly and cut out the middleman – in exactly in the same way sites such as and help us find love. is the brainchild of Sharon Longshaw and Phil Lacey from Southend, who had become frustrated dealing with conventional recruitment agencies.

Garden designer Sharon found taking on temporary staff to cover holidays and periods of absence was almost prohibitively expensive or too slow; while Photographer Phil found most temporary positions offered meant low job satisfaction, low wages and positions that didn’t always suit his skills and qualifications.

Sharon says “We wanted to do things differently, and as there was nothing currently in the market we decided to design it ourselves. The inspiration came from the way dating sites operate by filtering and searching using profiles, and then putting people directly in touch with each other to get on with it.” empowers employers and job seekers as they take the recruitment process into their own hands. The site offers job seekers a means to showcase their skills, qualifications and experience, while giving employers immediate, cost-effective access to jobseekers in their local area.

Sharon again “Recruitment agencies and conventional job websites really take the biscuit – they cost a fortune, take forever and never work properly for either side. With our site we are giving the power back to the people.” is currently seeking 200 UK Employers for a 6 month free trial to our service which officially launches on 1st June 2011. There’s no catch and as a thank you we will offer you 50% off of your first full year’s subscription once the trial period is over.

All we ask is that you are planning to take on new staff within the 6 months following June the 1st 2011 and be willing to answer 3 short questionnaires to help us make sure everything is running as it should be.

During the trial period you will have full access to enabling you to search, contact and hire unlimited candidates.

Please contact Sharon or Phil on 01702 410034 or email for more details and to register your interest.