Awareness and Self Defence Course in Southend on Sea

Recently it has been reported recently that thefts of mobile phones are up by 17%.

Lack of Awareness in Children and Young People

Police Community Support Officers in Southend and Leigh-on-Sea have noticed that many young children are wandering around with their noses buried in their mobile phones with no thought for what’s going on around them. These children are not accompanied by an adult and could easily become the victims of a crime.  Especially as their mobile phones are often the more expensive models.

The PCSOs alert children to how vulnerable they are making themselves. However it’s something that parents and mentors should also be aware of.

Adults –  including Business Owners – also Lack Awareness

You would think that adults would have more self- awareness – but no! Even business owners are updating their social media statuses as they walk along.  People constantly checking their texts for the latest gossip or where they are due to meet their friends.

With new technology, tourists and visitors to a town can check Google Maps on their phones to get their bearings and to find the locations of restaurants and attractions.  They too are vulnerable to a surprise attack by muggers.

For both adults and children, the problem is that they walk along with the phone glued to their ear. They are so intent upon their conversation that they are virtually oblivious to what is going on around them.

Whilst a law abiding Citizen will see a mobile phone, a thief sees a wad of cash attached to their ear. S/he can quickly snatch that hone and be off before the victim knows what has happened. But it’s not just phones, music players with earphones are equally as problematic.

These crimes don’t just happen at night. They can happen during the daytime as well.

MUGGERS TRICKS – Distraction

One of the tricks that a mugger uses is to distract their potential victim by asking for the time. You look down at your wrist so you are distracted and then BANG! You’re attacked. This has happened many times. This is why it is important to teach children and young people to be aware of their surroundings when out and about.

Keep your distance and be alert!

Self Defence and Awareness Classes

When Gary Hogben teaches Self Defence he also teaches about awareness, distractions and threat avoidance. This is as important as physical defences which should only be used as a last resort.

Knife attacks among young people have increased in the last few years. More and more young children feel the need to carry knives around because they fear attack. They are then at risk of getting into trouble with the police for carrying around an illegal weapon.

You can reduce fear on the streets and the chances of being attacked more easily. Keep your mobile phone hidden out of sight when outside. Teach your children to be alert and to avoid being distracted.


Gary is running a self defence course at The Therapy Life Centre on Thursday 9th July 2013.

This course is suitable for men and women of all ages and fitness.
It will teach you simple but effective Self Defence techniques, to help you protect yourself and your family. You will also learn about awareness, threat avoidance and the law of reasonable force.

When:           Tuesday 9th Jul 2013 from 7.30pm – 10.00pm.
Where:          Therapy Life Centre, 11 Prittlewell Chase, Southend on Sea, Essex SS0 0RX
Price: £25


Your Course Instructor is Gary Hogben. He is a 5th Dan Black Belt with over 35 years’ experience in Martial Arts and Self Defence. He is a registered instructor, insured and CRB checked.

For more information about Gary Hogben’s Self Defence classes visit
Call Gary Hogben on 07956 864086.

You can also call the Therapy Life Centre 01702 433959 or visit



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