Business Is Simple, It’s The People Who Make It Complicated

“Business Is Simple, It’s The People Who Make It Complicated” Theo Paphites on Dragons Den

Theo summed it up in one simple sentence in a recent episode of Dragons Den.

Sometimes the Dragons don’t invest in a business idea but in the person presenting that idea. They see something that shows promise and, whilst the idea itself may not be much good, they will invest in a way that allows them to take advantage of the skills that person has to offer.

Complications and difficulties occur when there is poor communication. What is becoming increasingly apparent is that you cannot have a verbal agreement about things because there is too much room for error.

Not only do people remember conversations differently, if they cannot see the person speaking, they may lose the nuances of what has been said so that they are agreeing to something rather different.

Everyone says that contracts are the only way forward and many insist on purchase orders being signed, as well as deposits being taken, but, even with written words, some people can interpret them in different ways.

I’ve noticed this particularly since we started working with Facebook competitions – the behaviour of the entrants has been confusing to say the least.

Even when you spell out what they need to do in what you think are words of one syllable, people still seem to misunderstand and don’t do what is necessary to achieve entry into the contest.

All the internet and marketing gurus say that calls to action are imperative, whether on your website or on your Facebook or Twitter accounts, if you want to achieve a good result but you need to make the instruction of what you want the reader to do absolutely crystal clear and in very big letters.

Website design itself should always work on the basis ‘Don’t Make Me Think’, as exemplified by Steve Krug’s fab book. If you want someone to telephone your business, don’t hide the phone number on the Contact page! Put Call Us On 01234 567800 on the front page of your website in big print. If you want them to sign up for your newsletter, make the instruction obvious and give them something they will find valuable in return.