Change Pinterest Password

how to change pinterest passwordThere were issues a couple of weeks ago over at Zendesk where it was thought that some password information for Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest accounts might have been compromised.

So, I’ve written posts on how to change Twitter password, Tumblr password and now here’s how to do it for Pinterest.

How Do I Change My Pinterest Password

It’s simple enough really. You just log into your account, find your name in the top right hand corner and then select the drop down menu.

Near the bottom, you will find Settings. Click that.

This will bring up the dashboard for Change Account Settings and the option to Change Password is right under your email address.

Click on that and you will find the option to add in a new password.


How do I reset my Pinterest Password? I’ve lost/forgotten it

But, I hear you cry, it’s asking for my existing password and my computer automatically logs me in so I have no idea what that is!

Pinterest have come across this problem before and if you click you will be able to get a reset code sent to your email address.