Do Apprentices Work For You? – My First Facebook Embedded Post

So, here’s my first Facebook Embedded Post. I chose the one from the FSB because it is so timely for many small business owners. The great thing is that you can click on the comments at the bottom of the infographic to go and join the conversation about it.

The only thing I don’t like is that, if you have already liked the page, it actually gives you the option to unlike it! That might not be an option you want to offer to your own fans on your own website…

On the plus side, if you click on the drop down, your reader has the chance to embed it in their site as well. So it could become a great way to generate more interest in your Facebook page on other people’s sites.

You should note that you need to be logged into Facebook AS YOURSELF NOT YOUR PAGE to be able to see it.

Instructions on how to do it coming shortly.