Facebook Other Messages and the New Filters – Paid Messaging Pending

I wrote about this before when we were calling them Facebook’s Hidden Messages but they are now called Other Messages and, when you click on your Messages tab in the left hand sidebar of the Home page of your personal profile, you will see the two options.

Facebook Other MessagesOne for your Inbox and the other for Other, but you are now able to put a filter on how the two of them work.

Basic Filtering

You can either select the recommended Basic option where you will ‘Mostly see messages from friends or people you may know’ so that would include Friends of Friends but anyone else will be consigned to Other – the equivalent of a spam filter.

Strict Filtering

Or you can choose the Strict Filtering option which will mean that you will see communications from ‘Mostly see messages from friends. Messages from people you want to hear from may go to your Other folder.’ This means that people you may actually want to hear from could be dumped into Other and, unless you remember to check it regularly, important notices might not be seen.

As Facebook admit, they do sometimes get it wrong – you may get messages in your Inbox that are from the friend of a friend who is messaging a group of mutual friends or a member of a group you’re in who messages you might end up in. You could also hear from a friend who isn’t on Facebook and uses your contact info to send you a message via the Facebook Messenger app (more on that in the future).

When filters won’t make any difference – ‘Paid’ Messaging

And, of course, the real one that makes you sit up and take notice – messages may appear in your Inbox from people to whom you are not connected on Facebook but who have paid to ensure that their message is routed to your Inbox rather than your Other folder.

Well, that sounds as if businesses are going to be able to pay to put stuff into your Inbox…?

Isn’t that what we might call spamming?

I wonder if we will be able to opt out? Or whether it’s a case of opting in to get them… by Liking a Page?

I’m off to see if I can find out more…

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