Facebook Questions and Offers Going – Or Not? Facebook Fiddling Again

facebook questions and offers

facebook questions and offers

Facebook are fiddling again! Apparently Facebook Questions and Offers will be going…

Well that’s what Hubspot announced in a blog post recently.

Facebook Questions will be asked as Status Updates

It would seem that, for Facebook Questions, the powers that be feel this is a superfluous feature. Business owners can just ask a question as a status update and then get answers in the comments.

Personally, I rather liked the whole ‘polling’ aspect where you could provide different answers and see how the land lay on various subjects. So I will be one who misses that feature. It helped to make status updates a bit more interesting and the poll feature made them stand out.

From the end of June, the Question feature within the status update box will be going.

Facebook Offers – not going, just accessed differently

Hubspot say that Facebook Offers were not being used by marketers because they found it just as easy to set up a Page Post Link Ad.

Now I use this platform every day and I don’t have a clue what they are talking about because there are so many different types of ad on Facebook at the moment. And there’s no point in me researching and trying to explain when Facebook have also announced that they will be rationalising their advertising offerings and cutting the range of products by half.

I’d say that is a good thing if it makes it more accessible and easier to use for regular business owners.

Shortstack gave a slightly better answer on what’s happening to Facebook Offers. And these clarifications came straight from Facebook themselves.

From July 2013, Facebook will no longer support Offers that can be collected online. They have to be redeemed in store. Apparently those Page post link ads are more effective for driving people to websites.

The new Instore Offers “enables businesses to reach customers with a promotion or discount that people can redeem or share”. They are still free to create if your Business Page has more than 100 fans but you will have to pay to promote them. This amount will be based on how many people you want to reach. So you can offer people a free beer or cup of coffee if they come into your store to redeem it – either with an email that contains a code or by showing the offer confirmation to the store owner on their mobile phone.

– See more at: http://www.sociallystacked.com/2013/06/an-update-on-facebook-offers-no-theyre-not-going-away/#sthash.xstmCHEZ.dpuf