How Do I Block The Status Updates Of One Facebook Friend?

block a friends status updates from your facebook feedIt’s a question to which many people require the answer – stopping the status updates of one friend.

There’s always one who is a bit lary – not sure how to spell that particularly Essex phrase but it means loud, outgoing, expansive. You get some people who want to fill you in on all the events of their day from making a cup of coffee to going to visit the facilities until you have reams of their minutiae filling your stream. It’s a bit of an overshare.

Or others whose language or subject matter is a little close to the mark for some of your more delicate acquaintances.

The privacy settings seem to offer all sorts of options to avoid sharing too much information with the various segments of your own friends but the censoring of what you see yourself is a little less obvious.

The question was asked on a group page of which I am a member and one of my colleagues suggested using the drop down menu to the right of a post and selecting whether you want to see “all updates”, “most updates” or “only important updates”.

Another felt it might be necessary to unfriend them altogether.

But, as is often the case, once you know, there is a very simple answer… it’s just not always that ‘intuitive’ to find it.

From Sadie-Michaela at you go to the person’s Timeline and hover over the Friend tab, you will get a drop down menu which allows you to uncheck the ‘show in feed’ option.

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