How To Use Facebook For Business

how to use facebook custom tabs for businessWell, first of all you need to set about creating your Facebook Page. And, in order for you to keep control of your own Page, this should be created from a personal profile that belongs to the business owner.

We can help you to do this preliminary step – it does not mean that you have to then use Facebook personally. We can also give you basic training on how to run a Facebook page and how to find potential customers who might be interested in what goes on there

How to use Facebook for business

Even if you don’t do much on the page itself, it is always a good idea to have it set up as, optimised properly, it will help you to show up in the new Facebook Search Graph – for those individuals who don’t want to leave the Facebook platform and look elsewhere.

Also, it can give you a second chance of ranking on the Google Search Engine Results pages for less competitive niches.

Having said that, if you have a visual business, it should be simple enough to keep content going onto the page by uploading images from your mobile whilst actually at jobs.

competitions on facebook

Some Facebook Marketing Tips

Once you have set up your page and worked out what and when you are going to post, you then need some people to actually read this content.

Competitions and sweepstakes are a great way to grow fan base and increase your email database for external marketing opportunities. A photo voting competition can be very effective once the page and fan base are a bit more established, but we would always suggest that a sweepstake is the best way to get started.

This is where people like the page to get the option to enter their email address for the chance to win a worthwhile prize. So, you get likes to the page AND emails for your database.

The prize needs to be of sufficient value for potential customers to want to enter their email for the chance to win.

Advertising on Facebook

Since, at the outset, you will not have many fans to see the notifications about the sweepstake on the page, this will also require a Facebook ad campaign to get it in front of the right people in the right location. We have tried them in the past for local businesses where we had a great prize and thought the power of word of mouth and sharing would be sufficient to start a groundswell of interest.

Sadly, Edgerank – which means that a maximum of 16% of people will ever see your posts – and general apathy meant that this is just not effective enough in an immediate time frame so Facebook ads will need to be used to publicise the sweepstake.

The upside of this is that local businesses who will not travel huge distances to service clients can make these ads specific to a geographic area so only users in that location will see the ads. Facebook advertising can be useful to promote brand awareness to individuals who fit your target market criteria and are in the region that you serve.

Having said that, I still think that an advert which gives someone a chance to win something can be more effective in encouraging a Like or Share than a regular ad – unless you have a particularly engaging image to catch their eye. I also like the idea of getting two bites of the cherry by obtaining both a Page Like and an email address that you will be able to use for future mailing campaigns.

Facebook For Shops and ECommerce Businesses

For those Facebook users who don’t want to leave the platform, you can also have your website built into your Facebook page. If you have a shop – whether bricks and mortar or virtual – the opportunity to purchase products can also be built into your Facebook page using the tab images below the cover image. Either people can buy from the online shop already on your existing website or individual products can be highlighted utilising PayPal as a payment option.

Using Your Facebook Page To Market To Facebook Enthusiasts

As mentioned earlier, for those users who cannot be persuaded to move away from the platform, your website can be built into your Facebook page via the tab apps underneath the cover image. You can also have an opt in section where people can sign up to receive a regular newsletter – again building your email database.

With more and more people using smart mobile phones to research purchases or just to surf the net for interesting info, having your business and its services or products on Facebook gives you another chance of getting found online.

For more information on how to get better visibility for your Business on Facebook, call us today on 01702 476517

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