Introducing Marketing Pilgrim’s Internet Marketing Insights Service

In case you haven’t noticed the pace of Internet and social media marketing news has quickened significantly over the recent past.

That signifies growth in the industry which is a very good thing. The downside, however, is that the sheer volume of news can be overwhelming even to those who are part of the industry. We hear from readers and Internet marketers in general all the time that it often feels that they are missing something in the process.

Even worse, they get plenty of news but no real insights into the potential application of the news in a way that can lead to bottom line impact.

That’s why we have developed Marketing Pilgrim’s Internet Marketing Insights service. We have heard these concerns and now bring you a weekly e-mail that will give you a maximum of 10 items a week that summarizes the most important news but adds the critical step of providing insights as to what the news means for businesses.

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  • Anyone that needs to know about internet marketing!

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