LeBron James Hires Social Media Help

Miami Heat star LeBron James is a very social man. He’s a frequent social media poster and as a result he has 10 million people followers on Facebook and 4 million on Twitter.

From those numbers, it would seem that he knows what he’s doing, but James is smart enough to know that quantity doesn’t equal quality, so he’s hired some outside help.

AdAge says LeBron James has signed up with SapientNitro to help raise his engagement level. He said in a statement:

“Every day, new technologies come out that allow me to take that fan connection to another level. In SapientNitro, I found a partner that has the brand thinking, creative ideas, digital expertise and global delivery scale to support my expanding ambitions.”

Why is this Marketing Pilgrim news? Because it’s a good example of what we always say about social media. It’s not enough to just throw content at the wall and hope for the best. Social media content needs to be thoughtful, crafted and it needs to add to your brand. That doesn’t mean you can’t talk about The Stanley Cup Playoffs on your cupcake company Facebook page. What it does mean is you can’t (or shouldn’t) focus on topics that don’t speak to your brand or use language that doesn’t suit your audience.

Do you need to hire social media help? Probably, but I get that small companies have a hard time justifying the cost. Owners think they can do it all themselves but the reality is there are only so many hours in a day and if you’re going to rush it just to get it done, that’s not helping your business.

Some business owners also worry about handing the reigns over to someone who isn’t invested in the company. That’s a legitimate concern but eventually, you’re going to have to let go.

Lastly, big follower numbers aren’t enough. You have to engage your audience, get them to comment, share and RT. Remember, 100 loyal followers who will spread the good word is much more important than 1,000 indifferent followers who rarely check in.

What are your thoughts on hiring social media help?