More Page Post Visibility on Facebook?

increase facebook  page post visibilityRecently, Facebook added a new way of improving the visibility of your page posts by allowing you to target the individuals that you wanted to see any post.

A bit of set up has to be done first in the Manage Permissions section of your Facebook Page dashboard.

After that a new symbol will appear in the footer of each status update – as shown by the arrow in the graphic. However, if you click this at the moment, you only get the option to select the location/language and the location is currently restricted to country only.

When I first tried it, you could select all the options that currently appear in a Facebook ads campaign. You had gender, location, interests, who you are interested in. I suspect this will become more important over the next few months but, as it stands, it’s a bit of a waste of time for those of us in the UK.

It’s always very frustrating when Facebook and Google roll something out half finished and then draw it back in again so that it is just a teaser.