My Yahoo Email Hacked

yahoo email hackedThe obviously hacked yahoo email messages started appearing last week.

Most were from my friends but some came from people that I did not recognise. Some gave the name of the sender in the title, others said Fw: name of sender, still more said Re: message or Fw: and then what looked like a date. All contained just a link in the body of the text.

I say it regularly but I will repeat the advice.

Don’t click on links that you see in any message from a friend without checking that they have actually sent one.

This also applies to Twitter direct messages as there are a fair few Twitter hacks in progress, particularly those which say things like ‘Look what someone’s saying about you’ or ‘You made me laugh’ or ‘This was really funny’. And in emails, it tends to be just a link with no explanation in an email with a generic title.

In most cases, so long as you don’t click, you will be ok.


Yahoo Hacked

In January, someone put up a YouTube video showing how to exploit a vulnerability in Yahoo mail. It then started to be reported that Yahoo accounts had been hacked and there was a connection to a rogue MSNBC page which could hijack your email and send out messages to everyone in your contacts and/or everyone that you have ever had an email exchange with – received or sent. For more on the timeline go here

The alarming thing is that my keyword research tool shows a large number of different types of search being made to find this type of loophole which will allow someone to hack into someone’s Yahoo account! It just beggars belief that there are individuals out there who get their jollies from that type of activity.

What can I do if my yahoo account has been hacked?

This was the plaintiff cry I started to hear from many of my friends when alerted to the fact that they had been sending out spam emails which could bring some other poor unfortunate into the fiasco.

So I googled ‘yahoo hack’ to find out more. There are several pages on Yahoo Help that give information, but the upshot seems to be:

Change your password to something much stronger.

More than 8 characters and including letters and numerals, upper and lower case and maybe some other symbols. Make it harder to crack. Think of a sentence that would mean something only to you and which you are most likely to remember and then adapt it to fit the rules just mentioned.

If you used this password for other accounts, go and change it to something else on those platforms too.

If you cannot access your account

Go here to get a new password

Check your alternate email is actually one of your accounts

Go to the account information page. If you don’t recognise the alternate email address that is listed there, change it to one that you do own. Some hackers gain control of this email so that the account owner can never change their log in information without the hacker being informed of the new details.

If you’re still sending spam after these measures

Yahoo recommend that you run an anti virus or malware program on your system or consult your IT provider.

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