Sign Into Multiple Google (Plus) Accounts

sign into multiple accounts on google plusI found another new feature on Google this week – the ability to log in as one gmail account and then add others so you can be logged in to more than one account at the same time.

This interesting new features opens a wealth of possibilities for those of us who have spread our different Google properties over several accounts – for security. And who now find that continual logging and and out causes a great deal of time wasting.

It has however already caused me the loss of admin rights to one of my Google Plus pages when it unilaterally made the one that was attached to my default account – the first one I had logged into – override access to the Google Plus page on the next account.

Very inconvenient when that’s the one that has just been verified by Google Places in a very long drawn out process.

I am in the queue for assistance and will return to this.