Study Shows Moms are Mostly Likely To. . .

Mother’s Day may be a month away but I suggest you take a moment right now to pay homage to those women who gave birth to the next generation. They’re not only important for the survival of the human race, but they’re a major force in social media marketing.

According to a new study by Performics, moms are significantly more likely to visit social media sites regularly, trust what they read there about their favorite brands, and make a purchase based on social media recommendations.

Purchase recommendations are especially important in the areas of cars, clothes and travel.

Once a mom latches on to a brand or company she likes, she is more likely to become a brand ambassador and that’s money in the bank.

Says Performics, these “mombassadors” are more likely than other women to:

  •     Recommend companies/brands via social sites (34%)
  •     Discuss companies/brands on social sites after seeing an ad elsewhere (48%)
  •     Talk about companies/brands they follow on Facebook (24%)
  •     Link to a company/brand ad (23%)
  •     Post a company/brand ad (53%)
  •     Post interesting or relevant content about a company/brand (50%)

But don’t think this means moms are push-overs. More moms believe that their voice can make a difference (65% vs 56%) and that can work for you or against you. If they think you’re being deceptive or disrespectful, you and everyone else on the internet will get an earful so it’s always nice to have a few “test” moms on your side before running with a new campaign.

Check out this snip from Performics’ Social Media Moms Infographic:

Smartphones are part of the busy mom arsenal. The more they can do on their phone, the more time they have for themselves and their families. That’s why it’s imperative that you offer them time-saving widgets that tie in to your company. It doesn’t have to be a one-to-one correlation. A branded party-planning widget from a local bakery is better than a widget that just allows them to order cakes by phone.

Can’t figure out how to approach mobile? Ask your mom-customers what would make their life easier. They’ll be happy to tell you, especially if you give them a discount in return for their valuable insight.

Want more information? Performics has build a nifty, online slide-show featuring all of the results from their Mom-tastic survey.