IFTTT Recipes for Social Media Marketers


Are social media tasks eating up a lot of your time? Want to streamline your activities? IFTTT (If This Then That) is a free service that allows you to automate tasks between applications and social networks. In this article you’ll discover how to create IFTTT recipes to save time on social media marketing. #1: Create a Recipe in […]

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IFTTT Recipes for Social Media Marketers
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7 LinkedIn Messages You Should Never Send

7messagesDo you get LinkedIn messages in your inbox that you consider spam?

Maybe you’re wondering what you should or shouldn’t do (or send) on LinkedIn?

Many people are confused as to what to do, what not to do, who to connect with and what to send to new connections on LinkedIn. One of my most popular blog posts was one on LinkedIn etiquette. This leads me to believe that people really do want to know the right away of doing things on LinkedIn.

However, every day I’m surprised by the number of message I receive from my connections or fellow LinkedIn members, which break some of LinkedIn’s most important rules of etiquette.

These messages, will often hinder rather than improve your ability to achieve your goals on LinkedIn whether it is to connect with like minded professionals, find a new job or generate new leads for your business. Maybe you have seen these message in your own LinkedIn inbox or perhaps, you have sent one or more of these yourself without knowing better.

Here are seven messages that you should never send on LinkedIn and why.

1. The Default Connection Request

It is rare that I accept these. I usually just hit Ignore. If someone takes the time to write to me and tell me why they want to connect with me, I almost always accept their connection request.

Always send a personalized connection request on #LinkedIn when connecting.
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TIP: Particularly on mobile devices, it is easy to accidentally send the default connection request before you have had the chance to personalize it. Make sure you go to the person’s profile and from there; you can choose to send a personalized connection request. (Check out Tip 18 on how to Personalize Connection Requests on Mobile).

2. Requesting a Recommendation From Someone You Don’t Know

Yes this really does happen!

If you don’t know the person, DON’T ASK for a LinkedIn recommendation or an endorsement.

When reaching out to someone who knows you and the work that you do, the key to successfully requesting a recommendation is to invest some time into personalizing your request.

DO NOT request a recommendation from someone you don’t know on #LinkedIn.
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TIP: When you writing your request for a recommendation, it is helpful to tell your connection why you are asking (you can simply say you have been working on your profile and now it’s time to get some recommendations).

Also include some bullet points that would be relevant for them to mention in the recommendation they write for you on LinkedIn. This can be very helpful and actually increase the likelihood someone will take the time to write you a recommendation, because many people don’t know what to write.

If you ask them to address specific things about your product, service, or their experience in working with you it can give them the inspiration they need to craft a thoughtful and effective recommendation.

Recommendations = Social Proof

Recommendations are a very important part of “Social Proof” as when people are in doubt of who to do business with, they look to the decisions others have made. Just think about Amazon reviews or on any other review site. People want to see what others are saying before they make a decision as to which product or service to invest in.

3. I Saw You Viewed My Profile

While it is a great idea to regularly check who has viewed your profile and to reach out to them, find another reason to explain why you are connecting, rather than simply saying “I see you viewed my profile.” There can be many reasons a person may have viewed your profile, so rather than addressing why they viewed your profile, tell them why you would like to connect with them.

4. Requesting Too Much Too Soon From New Connections

One example I get a lot is brand new connections requesting to have a call with me for no apparent reason. I don’t know anything about them, I don’t know what they want to talk about and they are requesting to take time out of my already very busy day.

Build a relationship with your connections on #LinkedIn before asking for their time.
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TIP: You wouldn’t ask someone you just met to marry you, instead you would date and get to know the person first. It is the same in business. You need to build a relationship with people before you ask for their time. And if you are going to ask for their time, give them a reason why you want to chat with them.

5. Pitching Your Product Or Service

This is a great way to get blocked and/or reported as spam. It will definitely turn most people off.


LinkedIn, like all social media, is a platform to find, connect and build relationships with your ideal clients. Don’t pitch your services if you haven’t built some kind of relationship. To get the best results, provide value and build some credibility and trust first, then ask to take the relationship offline before making your pitch.

6. Mass Messages

While I used to support sending the very occasional mass message if you unchecked box that says “Allow recipients to see each other’s names and email addresses”, this option is no longer available in the new LinkedIn Message Center rollout. You now have no way to send mass messages without sharing everyone’s contact information with everyone else included in the message. Because of this change, I would recommend not ever sending out mass messages, except in cases where you are either:

  1. a) introducing your connections to each other or
  2. b) all participants are willingly engaged in a conversation.

It is important to note that anytime anyone in the conversation replies, everyone will see it and there is no way to remove yourself from the conversation (although you can mute receiving notifications for the conversation).


7. Overtly Personal Messages

Regardless of whether you think you are being respectful in your approach to sending this type of message, you need to think about how the other person will receive it. The person on the other side might not feel the same way in which you meant it to be received.


Remember LinkedIn is not a dating site, it is a business platform. Always keep it professional.

For a thorough explanation of each of these seven messages you want to avoid sending on LinkedIn, watch this video.

What types of LinkedIn messages do you receive that drive you crazy? Is there anything I missed on this list of messages not to send on LinkedIn?  Let us know in the comments below.

Want to learn more about what kind of messages you should send on LinkedIn? Check out this comprehensive online training Cracking the LinkedIn Code 2.0.

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7 LinkedIn Messages You Should Never Send
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Email Marketing Faux Pas – The Dangers of Using Outlook

If you’re using Outlook or some other similar platform to send out bulk emails, you could get yourself into a lot of hot water.

Here’s a classic example of an email marketing faux pas that arrived in my inbox last week from a local beautician.

How to irritate your customers by showing their personal emails to all your other customers

To: List of the personal email addresses of 160 clients all showing to every recipient.

Offer containing several typos

I was not terribly impressed but these things happen.   And I had this vision of a receptionist at the business looking at the computer with horror at what had just happened.

The following day, I received a second message from them

To: List of the personal email addresses of 160 clients – again listing the personal email addresses of their entire database

Email Marketing Faux Pas – The Dangers of Using Outlook
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