The Perception Gap: what customers want and what executives think they want [infographic]

In February, the team at Pivot released a revealing research report that documented the increasing gap between marketer and customers. I referred to this as the Great Divide or the  “The Perception Gap,” the distance between what customers want in social media and what executives think they want. In collaboration with Barnickel Design, we’ve just released this infographic that visualizes the extent of the perception gap between social consumers and social businesses.

The focus of Pivot 2011 was the rise of the social consumer. In 2012, we’re concentrating two-days on the rise of the social business. Doing so will help strategists and executives build a social construct that narrows or closes the great divide.


76% of marketers feel they know what their customers want yet only 34% have asked customers.

83% of consumers seek deals, but only 53% of businesses think that’s what customers really want.

45% of marketers feel that rewards programs are important to customers and 70% of social consumers thought otherwise.

59% and 58% of social customers wish to engage businesses for buying insights and customers service respectively; on the contrary only 37% of marketers believe that these services are in demand by their customers.

There’s agreement between customers and marketers on product feedback. 55% of consumers and 53% of marketers would like to collaborate on improving products and experiences.

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