Twitter Updates Interfaces with Slick New Profile Design

Twitter has always been my favorite social media child and now I love them even more thanks to their slick new interface.

The center piece of the update is a header photo that is oddly reminiscent of the header photos we’ve seen on some other social media site. . .  Here’s the example page from The Today Show.

Nice. The layout makes the page look like a real landing page and not just a placeholder for text. The Tweets are still prominent but the sidebar is great, too. Have they always had that “Tweet to:” box on there? I don’t remember seeing it, but I like it.

The only thing that trips me up is the placement of the avatar image and text. I get that they want to put it front and center. (It used to be in the upper left) but depending on the photo beneath it, it’s going to look very odd. Some Facebook Pages have a similar problem with avatars that cut awkwardly into the header. It’s just something to think about before you choose your photo.

The profile page will appear across all forms of Twitter from the apps to, but on the iPad is where the update really shines.

Let me take a moment to shout to the heavens, “No more sliding doors!” Gosh, I hated those sliding, stacking panels in the old iPad app. Now, when you want to expand a Tweet you tap and the Tweet opens up wider in the stream. If it has an attachment, like a link, photo or video, just tap again and the attachment opens in the full screen.

I clickthrough on several articles a day via Twitter and the ability to see the full page without having to open it again in Safari is huge. Great move, Twitter.

Twitter has also updated their Android and iPhone apps. Profile pages are live now on the iPad but I couldn’t find a link to add the header photo. I assume that’s coming soon for all of us average users. Now all I have to do is come up with a photo that represents me but won’t be ruined by an avatar stuck right in the middle. That’s going to take some real thought.

What are you going to use for your header?