Using The Facebook Business Page Dashboard

Using the Facebook Business Page Dashboard

Using the dashboard for your Facebook business page effectively is very important.

If you want to be able to see it, you need to press Show at the far right of the buttons across the top of your page. This means it will show to you but no one else. Although other admins of your page can also access it. None of your viewers – whether they are fans or not – can see it.

To hide the dashboard? Yup, you’ve guessed it, click Hide which has now appeared where once there was Show.

When using the Facebook business page dashboard, you will see that the Edit Page button has a drop down menu which gives you lots of options.

Manage Admins

The most important are Manage Admins – how to add a second or third admin, just in case Facebook takes exception to your profile and your Page is cast adrift with no way of controlling it. Choose those extra admins wisely and make sure they have liked the business page first. How to remove an admin – just in case.

Manage Permissions – Controlling who can post to your Facebook page

By accessing Manage Permissions, you can check (or uncheck) the boxes that control Posting Visibility. Who can post to your page and where on that page their post will appear. You should trigger the Recent Posts By Others section on your page for other people’s contributions so that it is separate from your own. If you have allowed others the right to post, you should monitor this regularly.

You should also check the box that allows the Messages button to appear underneath your cover image. This allows individuals to communicate with you privately and for you to respond to them. In normal circumstances, businesses are not allowed to speak direct to personal profiles. So this is a very important function as, once they have contacted you, you can always connect to those people.