Wildfire Details the Secret to Facebook Success

It’s nice to have a lot of followers on Facebook, but social media management company Wildfire (who recently crossed over to the Google side) says that it only takes a select few to make a big difference.

The information comes from Wildfire’s new report, “How Superbrands Breed Superfans: 6 Best Practices for 10X Greater Fan Growth.” To get there, they analyzed 10,000 Facebook campaigns over 9 months then they pulled out the top 10% for performance (superbrands) for a closer a look.

What they found right away, was that Facebook fans fall into three categories, Joiners (83%), Sharers (15.4%) and Advocates (1.5%).

Sharers were smaller in number, but each one “generated an average of 14 earned media impressions each. In other words, for each sharer, 14 additional people will learn about the campaign in their news feed.” In addition, the superbrand pages had nearly double the amount of sharers, which Wildfire says led to impressive growth.

Advocates brought in an average of 1.3 new people and “engaging triple the number of advocates in campaigns correlated with a 13x higher annual fan growth relative to average-performing brands.’

All well and good, but how do you get those people to share and advocate in the first place? Wildfire has the answer for that, too. Remember the name of the report? “6 Best Practices for 10X Greater Fan Growth.” Let’s look at the three that are the easiest to implement.

Best Practice #2: Use every available opportunity to stimulate interactions with clear calls-to-action.

This is all about asking people to do what you want. Visit our website, click to watch the clip, leave your thoughts, take our poll. And don’t forget the biggies, ‘please share this with your friends’ and ‘please like our page.’

We’re highly suggestible creatures. Don’t assume followers will know the next step. Tell them what to do and you have a better chance of them going it.

Best Practice #3: Images, Images, Images!

How easy is this? Add images. Simple and it makes such a huge difference, especially now with Facebook’s new Timeline design. And you know that you can expand photos to take up the whole width of your page right? Just click the feature gizmo in the top, right corner of the post and it’s done.

Best Practice #4: Keep your interactions seasonally relevant.

This is another simple one that a lot of people miss. Everyone is talking about The Olympics, so talk Olympics. If you can tie it back to your product, fabulous, if not, it’s still okay to express your interest in an event. Link your posts to holidays, the seasons, media trends (movies, TV shows, popular songs), and news events where appropriate.

Seasonal relevance not only taps into the current trends, it instantly tells people that your site is up to date. There’s nothing worse than hitting a site in March that is still displaying a Christmas sale post at the top of the feed.

So there you have it, three simple changes you can make today that will help your Facebook page be more engaging. Want in on the other three secrets? Visit Wildfire to download the reports. All it will cost you is your contact info. it’s a real steal.