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jo-shaerI’ve lived in Leigh-on-Sea for almost 25 years and done the housewife and mother thing.

Now the kids are busy with their own lives, I’m working on building the independent woman who’s been on holiday for nearly two decades.

After attending a number of internet marketing conferences and seminars with a wide variety of different marketing gurus, what I really began to understand was that I didn’t want to try to make a fortune selling ‘stuff’ as an affiliate.

More than anything I realised that there were a whole group of small business people out there who were as ungeeky and unaware of the power of the internet as I was when I first started.

Through my day job, working as a lollipop lady in the local community, I chat with lots of local business owners as I see them across the road and I discovered that many of the shops on my High Street did not have a website.  Or, if they did, it was either poorly optimised so the search engines wouldn’t be able to find them or it was owned by one of the paid advertising companies and designed to attract business to them, not the business it purported to represent.

At about the same time, the Social Media sensation exploded with Facebook and Twitter suddenly becoming regular tools of communication between like-minded individuals, making these media a viable and valuable resource to be tapped into.

As a former personal assistant to the Managing Director of a City financial institution, I’m used to making things happen.

I admit it, I’m both an organiser and a socialite.  But I also care about making your business successful.

I take it personally.

So, I work to get your Company onto the first page of Google for a keyword that is actually being searched for by potential customers whilst, simultaneously, getting your brand noticed both in the local community and the world wide web.

Whether you want me to help you to get started and guide you in building a strategy that will give you a proper foothold in the online market or you want me to do it all for you and just show you the money, email me using the contact form below.

Jo Shaer – She Directs Traffic!

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