Affordable Small Business Website Design

For the second time in less than a week I have had a very frustrated client on the telephone asking me to help with their professionally built website.

I don’t know quite what’s going on in the world of website design, but I repeatedly hear about two problems.

The first is that the designer is too busy to accommodate the ongoing needs of their client. This means that said client has a number of small changes to make to their website that will keep it current but, despite repeated phone calls, nothing happens. Frustrating and limiting.

The second is that the designer charges a lot of money to make any changes. I came across one recently who wanted the equivalent of what I would charge for an entire website just to upload some new photos and change a few headings.

My goal is to provide affordable small business website design that the client can alter for him/herself without continually having to bring me in. Things like changes in members of staff or products for sale online – this sort of small alteration shouldn’t require the services of a skilled coder and the requisite high charges. This is what makes the internet frightening for small businesses – unforeseen costs that escalate beyond all reason and where the owner is completely in the hands of the professional.

I now realise that I’m going to have to become familiar with platforms other than WordPress.

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