Horrible Comments On Your Fire & Security Facebook Page & How To Cope

Sometimes, the human race makes me sigh! You put up a post that is designed to help people and some smartass thinks it’s open season on your Fire & Security business.

I’m not talking about people who may have a genuine customer service issue that they feel is not being handled effectively through your usual channels.

Complaints about late engineers or faulty alarm systems MUST be dealt with quickly and sensitively. AND learned from so any future unhappiness is dealt with before any customer feels the need to take it to social media.

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The #1 Mistake Fire & Security Companies Make on Facebook

You’re looking for more domestic security customers. And someone told you that Facebook is a great way to increase your visibility to homeowners.

Great! So you set up a Facebook Business page for your company. And add an image of your sign-written van. Complete some contact info – phone number, website URL. Sorted!

Next you take some photos of your most recent installations. And publish some posts with images of bellboxes or CCTV cameras…

And then you wonder why you get very few enquiries.

What’s going on, Facebook???!!!

Read more at https://inbound.lollipoplocal.co.uk/inbound-blog/the-1-mistake-fire-security-companies-make-on-facebook

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Could A Fire & Security Competitor Steal Your Customers via LinkedIn?

One of the questions I get asked most often by Fire & Security personnel is can a competitor could steal your customers via LinkedIn.

When you accept connection requests from both customers AND competitors, there is always that chance. Even if you hide your list of connections.

BUT the truth is.

Even if you don’t connect with your competition, there are other ways that they could see your customers. And potentially steal them.
Read more at https://inbound.lollipoplocal.co.uk/inbound-blog/could-a-fire-security-competitor-steal-your-customers-via-linkedin

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What Musicians Can Teach Business Owners About Social Media?

what can musicians teach business ownersFrom the time my son, Toby, was 10 years old, he knew he wanted to be an Irish folk musician.

Being a young man from Essex, this was rather a niche ambition.

He had been taken to a Kate Rusby concert in London by his dad and a neighbour. After the performance, Glen took Toby backstage to meet the band. Neither his dad nor I would ever have done that!

The band members welcomed Toby with open arms and let him try all their instruments. His hands were so small that he couldn’t reach the holes on any of the Irish low whistles but he loved the sound. Continue reading What Musicians Can Teach Business Owners About Social Media?

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Game Of Thrones – Social Media Teasers

We’re loving the Game of Thrones Social Media Teasers to promote the release date of the final season of the show on TV. It’s 14th April 2019!

The finale of season 7 left us all reeling and desperate to know more about what will happen to the inhabitants of Westeros.

But, whilst Daenerys Targaryan, Jon Snow and the rest have had to cope with a more mystical type of scumbag, they can still teach us all some valuable house security tips for autumn and winter security in Essex homes.

Great Essex home security sites:
MTS Security, Burnham-on-Crouch
Blake Fire & Security Systems, Essex
Eastern Security, Southend-on-Sea

Great Bucks home security sites:
Falcon Fire & Security Systems, High Wycombe

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