Facebook Page LayOut May 2014 – Where Has My Business Page Dashboard Gone?

Facebook is currently rolling out the latest round of changes to personal timelines and also to business pages.

On the home page of the personal timelines, this seems to have bigger pictures on a white background, whilst the less important sections are on a grey background. On the actual personal timeline itself, this theme is carried through with a grey background around all the important white background areas.

No one knows how they are deciding who to honour with an earlier upgrade but certainly they are coming to a Facebook business page near you by April 8th.

How to get Graph Search if you don’t already have it

Having said that, many of you in the UK are still waiting for the change in layout that will happen with Graph Search! If you want to make it happen sooner, you need to:

Go to Settings via the drop down menu at the top right of your navigation bar. Click

Now find the Language option. At the end, you will see an Edit option. Click

Yours will be set to English (UK). Select English (US) and save.

Your personal timeline should now change to show the big white Graph Search bar in the blue navigation bar.

Where has the dashboard gone on my Facebook business page?

The new changes which are rolling out have done away with the old dashboard that you could hide or show. Personally, I think that’s an improvement – it used to get in the way and involve lots of scrolling up and down to get to the status updates.

Now you have a small horizontal navigation bar across the top of the page that shows various options. It’s ABOVE THE COVER IMAGE


How can I control who can write on my Business Page – the old Settings menu?

Find out more about controlling your Facebook Page Settings so people can write on your wall.

Click on the Settings tab.

It is the first option in the left hand sidebar.

Where is the Update Page Info option on the new Facebook Business pages?

It’s now under the Settings tab along with all the other areas that control what people can see on your page

Where can I add or remove admins on the new Facebook Business pages?

Again, it is under the Settings tab.

Look in the sidebar on the left hand side.

Find out more about adding admins and removing admins.

How can I control Featured Likes on the new Facebook page layout for businesses?

Again, it is under the Settings tab.

Look in the sidebar on the left hand side for Featured. Click and the option for Featured Likes and Featured Page Owners will appear.

Where has Facebook put the tabs/apps on the new Business Page layout? – updated for May 2014

So, this is the killer one. Gone are the three images underneath the cover image. The stats say that no one really used these. But I think it was always ‘another source’ of potential traffic if you changed those in and out with eye-catching images.

The tabs/apps are not gone. But they are much harder to find.

What was previously the first of your three tabs now shows as a title only under the cover image. You need to click on the More option to see a full list of all your apps.

The three tabs that used to show as images under the cover image are also reproduced vertically in the left hand sidebar as an Apps section. But you have to scroll down a fair old way before you get to them under the Contact info

Where have the reviews gone in the new layout? – updated for May 2014

In the left hand sidebar under Photos – but you can manage your sections and move them further up the page – see instructions below. It doesn’t look as if you can highlight them any more but you can embed them on your website or use them in a milestone.

Recent Posts By Others is now Posts to Page – updated for May 2014

Recent Posts By Others has become Posts to Page and in the first incarnation was in the same box as Reviews. However, in the May 2014 update, they have been separated out – hurrah! And, like Reviews, you can no longer highlight these posts to page.

Move sections around in the left sidebar on the new layout for Facebook Business pages – Manage Sections update May 2014

Hover over the top right of any of the sections in the left hand sidebar.

A pencil will appear.

Click the pencil and you will see the option to Manage Sections.

Click on Manage Sections and a pop up dashboard will appear with the named sections listed.

Drag and drop your section to the position in the sidebar that you want it to show. For example, you could bring Reviews up to underneath the About section for maximum visibility.

Remember to click the blue SAVE button!!

With thanks to Lorna Withers of Essex Acupuncture for allowing me to use her page as an example for many weeks. Lollipop Local now has the upgrade so I can start to show you examples from our Facebook Business page.

Are you using Facebook for your business?

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What Link Shortener Should I Use On Twitter?

One of the attendees of our Twitter training course recently asked what link shortener should be used on Twitter.

Personally, I use Hootsuite which automatically gives me an owly short link that I can use their analytics to track.

I used to use Bit.ly because they too had a very good tracker. However, there was a recent security scare there over some hacked passwords. But the main reason I am not sure about using bit.ly is their announcement that the statistics for my shortened links will now be available for everyone who uses the Moz SEO tools.

It’s the equivalent of revealing the data about where I place my links and how many people are clicking through on the front page of my website.

Whilst I have nothing to hide, I’m not sure that I need to allow any competitors to see that information.

I have heard good reports about the goo.gl shortener, so I think that is the one that I would recommend.

Could you promote your business better on Twitter?

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How To Change The Mobile Phone Number Registered With A Google Account?

So you gave Google your mobile phone number so it could verify your information and keep you advised if anyone tried to access your account.

But now you’ve got a new mobile phone and a new number and don’t know how to change the information that Google hold.

They are asking you to verify your access to your Google Places for Business account and say they will send you a PIN – but you no longer have access to the phone number where they will see that pin.

How to change the mobile number for your Google account

You need to go to accounts.google.com and log in.

Then select Security from the top menu.

It will take you to a page with the heading Account Recovery Options.

About a third of the way down, you will see the section for mobile phones.

You can see your old number showing. Click the edit button.

You may need to enter your password to proceed.

Enter your new number.

You will be asked to verify this number. Click Get Now when you are ready and they will send you a PIN number which you can enter into the dashboard.

Once verified, your new mobile phone number will show on this Account Recovery page.

Go back to the Account Settings page and you will see the update.

You need to click Done.

You will the updated information listed.

You can also change the email address and your security question in this way.

Find out more about using Google Plus for your business

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Fed Up With Giving Your Email And Other Info To Facebook Apps?

I am not alone in disliking giving my email and access to other personal information when I access something with a Facebook app.

I know from personal feedback when I run Facebook competitions for myself and for clients the apps that allow you to enter are the thing that puts off most entrants.

The problem with Facebook apps

You click to sign up for the competition and immediately are faced with an app which wants your permission for it to access your email and other personal info. For my Facebook apps, I can assure you that I have no access to that information. The permission is purely to allow the app to give you the option to share that you have entered our competition.

Rogue apps that spam your contact list

However, many Facebook apps are not as innocent. I regularly have requests for help from users who have signed up to a rogue app that is suddenly sending out messages to everyone on their contact list.

Apps that gather your Facebook login information

And then there are the information gatherers. Apps which force you to sign up for an offer using your Facebook log in information. These are the most insidious. Because, once you have given them access to the email that you use to access Facebook, they can then advertise specifically to you on that platform. They have you personally in their sights.

And, whilst you can remove these apps, the permission to use your information is not stopped. Anything that they acquired prior to your removing the app, they can still use. Unless you write and ask them to stop using it.

Anonymous Login for Facebook apps

Very soon you will be able to use the anonymous login feature for Facebook app. This allows you to edit the information that you share with the app, including removing email access. I first read about it here but there is now a Facebook video explaining how it works.

It’s brilliant news and will be rolling out to users over the next few months.

Find out if you are using Facebook effectively for your business?

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How To Remove Pending Requests To Join LinkedIn Groups

A great question from our LinkedIn training course this morning.

How do I remove these pending requests to join LinkedIn groups? I asked to join months ago and now I have changed jobs so don’t need to join that group any more!

It’s simple enough when you know how. Although the LinkedIn Help information on the subject is a little sparse!

How to remove pending requests to join LinkedIn groups

Hover over Interests in the Navigation bar.

Select Groups

You will see a list of the groups that you have requested to join and those where you are a member.

You will see some marked ‘Membership Pending’

Click on that group

Click where it says Withdraw Request to Join

You will be asked if you are sure and then given the option to Withdraw the request or cancel.

Click withdraw the request.

You should see the request withdrawn notification.


Find out more about using LinkedIn for your business.

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