How Can I Add My Ph.D Or Maiden Name To My Google+ Account?

Yes you can add your maiden name to your Google+ account. And your Ph.D or other letters of accreditation.

Here’s how:

  • Go to your Google+ profile.
  • Click Profile in the left hand navigation.
  • Click the About tab at the top of your profile.
  • Find the “Basic Information” section. It’s on the right of the three columns under Work. Click Edit.
  • In the “Other names” field, enter the other names you’d like to display on your profile.

  • Select who you want to be able to see your “Other names”. You have the choice of Public, Extended Circles, Your Circles, Only You or Custom.
  • Click Save.

You will deduce from this image that your maiden name or Ph.D does not actually show as part of your user name at the top of the page. Google+ is not like Facebook.

This may be something of a disappointment for those who have worked hard to gain the qualifications to get those accreditations.

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I Have 2 Twitter Accounts – Can I Merge Them Together Or Should I Delete One?

Great question from Angela at Inner-Body Pilates after one of our Tweeting 4 Twits Social Media Courses in Leigh on Sea.

One Twitter account has 147 followers and the other has 350. They both have similar names. Twitter does not mind you having more than one account but each will be viewed as a separate entity and must be accessed via a separate email address. You cannot create two Twitter accounts from the same email address.

You can only be logged in to one Twitter account on any one browser. So, if you want to manage two, you will need to have one open in Chrome and then open a window in Firefox to operate your other Twitter account. Unless you have Hootsuite Pro which will allow you to be logged in to both on the dashboard. We can give you Hootsuite training.

She could make the choice and keep one for her London classes and one for her new Leigh classes. This means that she will need to put regular content on both – although, again, that’s not necessarily a problem using an automated software like Hootsuite. This allows you to post, schedule and bulk upload your status updates to both accounts.

Can I merge two Twitter accounts together and keep my followers?

Twitter say that it is not possible to merge two Twitter accounts or multiple Twitter accounts together.

It is also not possible to migrate data (Tweets, following, or followers) from one Twitter account to another.

What can I do if I only want to use one Twitter account?

If you no longer want one of your accounts, you could stop using one account (or deactivate it altogether) and tell your followers to find you at the account you have decided to keep.

Find out more about using Twitter for business

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Is Paying An Adwords Management Company A Bad Idea?

I ran one of my Google Adwords training courses for a local Essex business woman recently. She was paying an Adwords Management Company over £200/month to run her account and then £50/month for her clicks on top of that.

She had asked me if I could have a look at the way her campaign had been set up because she didn’t feel happy with what was going on. She also wanted me to show her how she could set up and manage her own campaigns for the future.

To be honest, I was really shocked when we logged into her account.

There were about ten Ad Groups. And each Ad Group contained about ten keywords that were very loosely linked together.

But what really upset me was that each of the keywords had been set to broad match. That means that her ads were showing for searches which contained any of the words in the keyword.

So, for example, if you have a broad match for UK Clothing, your ad has the chance to show up for any search that mentions the word ‘Cothing’ and any search that includes ‘UK’.

Broad search equates to lots of impressions and a big number in the monthly report can look impressive to clients.

However, if those hundreds of thousands of impressions are for search terms which are irrelevant to your product, then they are not doing you any good.

Many Adwords Management Companies set up campaigns with broad match to start with. They want to ‘look at the language’ of potential clients and broad search can help them to identify words and phrases that might not be so obvious to those closely involved with the company. It can be an expensive business with a lot of wasted clicks.

However, after a few months, they will have been able to see which words and phrases get the most clicks. They can then narrow down their searches to “phrase match” or [exact match] with perhaps a few modified broad search terms +keyword in case they have missed anything.

This agency had left this lady’s campaign on broad search for a couple of years.

When we looked through the details of her clicks, she could see that over half her budget for that month had been wasted on searches that had nothing to do with her product.

Worse still, the clicks that were related to her business could not be quantified because the Adwords managers had not set up a tracking code to measure her conversions.

It was a complete mess.

She was upset that, despite having given the Adwords agency detailed guidance about the sort of words and phrases that were specific to her niche, these had not been included in any of the ad groups or in any of the ads. Nothing was matching up to her audience or to her landing pages.

What can an Adwords training course do for your business?

  • I showed her how to identify the best words and phrases for her product.
  • How to set up ad groups that would allow her ads and landing pages to give her the best quality score and keep her CPC down.
  • She learned how to set up a conversion code to track the success of her campaigns.

She left with the confidence to set up her own campaigns and sacked her management company.

Suddenly she has nearly £300 each month to spend entirely on promoting her business.

That’s got to be better value!

Get your Adwords training consultation today and find out if your campaign managers are doing their job properly!

Know the right questions to ask!  And be confident to run your own Pay Per Click in the future.

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How Can I Talk To My Family And Grandchildren Safely On Facebook

This was the plea from a couple of the ladies on my Facebook training courses over the last few months.

They want a Facebook business page to promote their products and services.

And they want that to be kept completely separate from their personal profile.

However, they still want to be able to talk to and share photos with their family and grandchildren in other parts of the world.

So, what can be done?

Setting up your Facebook profile so you can talk to your family and grandchildren without being seen by business colleagues

Well, it’s simple enough really – you only accept friend requests from family members. Then make sure that they are all grouped into the list for Family.

Then you lock down your profile so that only friends or family members can see anything.

Go To Settings in the drop down menu from the cog.

Select Privacy.

Ensure that you have Strict filtering on your Inbox rather than Basic.

Anywhere where you have the option ‘Everyone, Friends of Friends or Friends’, I would select ‘Friends’. If you have the option to go into lists, select Family.

I would also ensure that you set it so that no one can find you through your email address or mobile phone number.

And stop any search engines from being able to find your personal profile on Facebook.

Choosing Facebook Timeline and Tagging Settings To Protect Your Privacy

Continue reading How Can I Talk To My Family And Grandchildren Safely On Facebook

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Facebook Featured Likes, Page Owners and Admins – Updated for April 2014

Facebook Featured functions updated for April 2014.

You now access Featured Likes, Page Owners and Admins via the navigation bar above the cover image. Click on the Settings option.

In the left hand sidebar, you will see the Featured Option

Read this post to find out more about using Facebook UK for business.

Facebook Featured Likes

Facebook Featured Likes

Facebook Featured Likes is the section now in the left hand column of your Business Page which shows the profile pictures of businesses that your business has liked on Facebook.

It’s a selection of five images which rotate randomly unless you specify which of your liked pages will always rotate there by selecting them as featured.

To choose your favourite five, go to Edit Page at the top of your business page dashboard.

Select Manage Admins from the dropdown menu.

Then select Featured from the sidebar at the left.

Click Edit Featured Likes and a list of the profile pictures of the Pages that you have liked will appear.

Go down the list and it will allow you to check the box next to each Page to specify which Pages you would like to feature.

You can choose more than five and it will rotate them in the Likes section of your Business Page. Only five will appear at any one time though.

Don’t forget to click Save once you have made your choice.

If you change your mind or find a new Page that you particularly want to highlight, you can repeat the process. Similarly, if you decide that you no longer want to feature a Page, you can remove the tick from the checkbox beside that Page in the list.

Remember, this list is made up of Pages that the Page itself has liked. It is not a recommendation or endorsement of your business from any business on that list.

Facebook Featured Page Owners and Admins

Facebook Featured Page Owners or Page Admins

For those people who don’t want to keep their personal profile separate from their Business life, there is now the opportunity to highlight yourself as the owner of your own business.

It’s called Facebook Featured Page Owners or Featured Admins – depending who you ask…

Again, you need to click Edit Page and select Featured from the drop down menu in the left hand side bar.

This time click the bottom option for Add Featured Page Owner and you will see a list of the people who are currently Admins on your Page.

When you add a featured page owner:

Their personal information will be publicly displayed on the left column of this page and the Page will be shown on their Personal Profile.

So, remember, if you don’t want to be personally identified with your business, don’t use this function as the notification will be there for everyone to see that you are the Owner.

If you don’t want people who are connected with your business life to ask to be your friend on Facebook, you can set up the ‘Follow’ button on your Facebook page. This allows those people to follow any public status updates that you may make as your personal profile.

Alternatively, you can accept them as a friend and add them to your Restricted list so, again, they only see your public status updates.

Facebook Featured Likes and Facebook Featured Page Owners and Admins.

Find out how to see which Businesses have liked your Business Page.

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