Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Sponsored Walk For Wards 2013

walk for wards
walk for wards

My friend, Elise Fleetwood is the Events & Corporate Relations Manager at the Department of Fundraising & Voluntary Services for Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. She asked me if I would help to get the word out about their Sponsored Walk 2013

Click here to see the WALK FOR WARDS POSTER

Walkers will be sponsored to raise money for a ward or department of your choice

Details of the event are as follows:

When: Sunday 22 September 2013
Meet: 10am – Uncle Toms Cabin

Activity: 7km Seafront Stroll or 18km Hadleigh Hike

For further info or to register, please contact the Fundraising team on 01702 385337
or email:

Online Reg Form:

Website info:

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Awareness and Self Defence Course in Southend on Sea

Recently it has been reported recently that thefts of mobile phones are up by 17%.

Lack of Awareness in Children and Young People

Police Community Support Officers in Southend and Leigh-on-Sea have noticed that many young children are wandering around with their noses buried in their mobile phones with no thought for what’s going on around them. These children are not accompanied by an adult and could easily become the victims of a crime.  Especially as their mobile phones are often the more expensive models.

The PCSOs alert children to how vulnerable they are making themselves. However it’s something that parents and mentors should also be aware of.

Adults –  including Business Owners – also Lack Awareness

You would think that adults would have more self- awareness – but no! Even business owners are updating their social media statuses as they walk along.  People constantly checking their texts for the latest gossip or where they are due to meet their friends.

With new technology, tourists and visitors to a town can check Google Maps on their phones to get their bearings and to find the locations of restaurants and attractions.  They too are vulnerable to a surprise attack by muggers.

For both adults and children, the problem is that they walk along with the phone glued to their ear. They are so intent upon their conversation that they are virtually oblivious to what is going on around them.

Whilst a law abiding Citizen will see a mobile phone, a thief sees a wad of cash attached to their ear. S/he can quickly snatch that hone and be off before the victim knows what has happened. But it’s not just phones, music players with earphones are equally as problematic.

These crimes don’t just happen at night. They can happen during the daytime as well.

MUGGERS TRICKS – Distraction

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Southend People’s Assembly Against Austerity

This leaflet about the Southend People’s Assembly Against Austerity was thrust into my hand by one of my regular dads whilst I was on the crossing.



This is the Southend branch of a national body called the People’s Assembly Against Austerity and it will take place

Tuesday 7 May 2013 – 7.30
Leigh Community Centre
Elm Road
Leigh on Sea

in preparation for the National People’s Assembly meeting in London on 22 June.

At a time when local people in Southend and Leigh on Sea are campaigning to save our libraries and to prevent other cuts to important services, we should ensure that our voices are heard.

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Famous Architect Ended His Days In Westcliff-on-Sea

Whilst researching a piece for one of the better guest houses in Blackpool, I came across the programme on BBC iPlayer called Blackpool Big Night Out.

Not being a Northerner, the allure of Blackpool had rather passed me by but, if you were an entertainer in the last hundred years, that was the place that many would have either got their big break or else received confirmation that they had made it to the big time.

To see various famous comedians talk so fondly of the place was quite eye opening. And not just because of its relationship to their own celebrity but for the place itself.

Ken Dodd reminisced about the Grand Theatre there and how it was the most beautiful of the many ‘pleasuredromes’ built for the working classes by Frank Matcham.

I had never heard of Mr Matcham and so, naturally, I googled him. Which is when I discovered that he had died on Matcham died on 18 May 1920 at 28 Westcliff Parade, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, before being buried in Highgate Cemetery.

He was actually born in Newton Abbot in Devon and raised by the sea in Torbay, but moved to London to pursue his career in architecture. He married his boss’s daughter, before taking over the practise on the death of his father-in-law and completing his work on the Elephant and Castle Theatre.

Despite having received no formal architectural education, Frank Matcham learned on the job and became famous for his use of steel cantilevers in his designs, which allowed balconies to be built out into the theatre without the use of pillars supporting each tier, which improved the view of the stage and increased audience capacity – something that made him popular with theatre owners.

He was responsible for the designs of a huge list of theatres:

The interior of the Theatre Royal, Newcastle;
Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham (1891);
the Blackpool Grand Theatre, the Theatre Royal, Wakefield and
the Buxton Opera House (1894);
Grand Opera House (opened December 1895) on Great Victoria Street, Belfast;
the Hackney Empire, London (1901);
the Royal Hall (Kursaal) in Harrogate (1903);
the London Coliseum (1904);
King’s Theatre, Glasgow in 1904
His Majesty’s Theatre, Belfast in 1904
the Liverpool Olympia (1905);
the London Palladium (1910);
the Victoria Palace, London (1911).

It’s a shame that I could not find a link to the Cliffs Pavilion or the Southend Kursaal but he’s still a famous denizen that we ought to shout about.

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