Southend Pier – Free For Residents?

southend-pierAfter seeing the discussions on the forum regarding making Southend Pier free for residents, I am indebted to @jamesharrod on Twitter for alerting me to an interview on BBC Essex which is availble on the Southend Pier should be free for residents Facebook Page.

Having visited relatives in Brighton recently, I was struck by the vibrant atmosphere on their free access Pier at 6pm on a Monday evening. Admittedly, the weather was very warm for April but there were still people enjoying the rides on the funfair at the end of their pier, as well as soaking up the last of the sunshine in the various bars and cafes.

Our Pier almost defeats any possibility of its own success by having any amenities it does have over a mile out to sea behind a protective barrier of an entrance fee. I explained to my Brighton-resident relatives that the cost was to pay for the running of the Pier but they seemed unconvinced.

Would you visit the Pier if it were free to get in but was subsidised by paying for rides on a funfair at the other end? Or maybe the charge should be made to those who actually use the train? Or, perhaps, proof of Southend Borough residency should preclude you from paying altogether?

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