We Want To Work… in Southend and Leigh-on-Sea

Will you be recruiting this Summer?
A brand new website portal devised by an Essex couple is the first of its kind in the UK, and is set to revolutionise recruitment.

www.wewant2work.co.uk is unlike all other internet based services, as here the employers and jobseekers can contact each other directly and cut out the middleman – in exactly in the same way sites such as match.com and mysinglefriend.com help us find love.

www.wewant2work.co.uk is the brainchild of Sharon Longshaw and Phil Lacey from Southend, who had become frustrated dealing with conventional recruitment agencies.

Garden designer Sharon found taking on temporary staff to cover holidays and periods of absence was almost prohibitively expensive or too slow; while Photographer Phil found most temporary positions offered meant low job satisfaction, low wages and positions that didn’t always suit his skills and qualifications.

Sharon says “We wanted to do things differently, and as there was nothing currently in the market we decided to design it ourselves. The inspiration came from the way dating sites operate by filtering and searching using profiles, and then putting people directly in touch with each other to get on with it.”

www.wewant2work.co.uk empowers employers and job seekers as they take the recruitment process into their own hands. The site offers job seekers a means to showcase their skills, qualifications and experience, while giving employers immediate, cost-effective access to jobseekers in their local area.

Sharon again “Recruitment agencies and conventional job websites really take the biscuit – they cost a fortune, take forever and never work properly for either side. With our site we are giving the power back to the people.”

www.wewant2work.co.uk is currently seeking 200 UK Employers for a 6 month free trial to our service which officially launches on 1st June 2011. There’s no catch and as a thank you we will offer you 50% off of your first full year’s subscription once the trial period is over.

All we ask is that you are planning to take on new staff within the 6 months following June the 1st 2011 and be willing to answer 3 short questionnaires to help us make sure everything is running as it should be.

During the trial period you will have full access to www.wewant2work.co.uk enabling you to search, contact and hire unlimited candidates.

Please contact Sharon or Phil on 01702 410034 or email enquiries@wewant2work.co.uk for more details and to register your interest.

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Starting Up Your Own Business

The gurus kept on saying that the best place to start a new business is the internet. Apparently, it’s the cheapest place to fail.

But that really isn’t the best frame of mind in which to decide that you want to put yourself out there, liable to ridicule and the risk of failure.

With all his experience at dealing with official form completion, my friend, Gray, would say that you have to start with a business development plan which addresses exactly what you want to achieve from your labours. What’s the end result? Where do you see yourself in five years time if all has gone according to plan?

I’m afraid I did none of those things. I sort of toyed with the idea that I might be any good and I put a few feelers out here and there which led me to believe that people might be interested… at the right price.

More than anything, what I came to understand was that there was no money available for internet advertising because it was an unknown quantity. They were still putting their faith in more ‘reliable’ methods of driving traffic, even though they knew that it was expensive. As far as they were concerned, they had spent their money on something that had a ‘proven’ track record. So, whilst accepted strategies appeared to work to a certain extent, business owners were not prepared to pour any more money into their marketing budget. Especially when they didn’t understand the new ideas or any of the new-fangled technology.

Now you’re probably wondering why I’ve put a picture of two neck/shoulder muscles at the side of this picture. Well, they were what gave me the oomph. The final push to actually launch myself back into the business world and face the consequences.

It’s been nearly three years since I first started to get a pain in my shoulder and realised that the movement in my neck was restricted. Two osteopaths, a physio and a year’s worth of yoga and pilates later, I’m finally starting to get better. But it was Mike’s massage that really put my recovery into hyperdrive.

I went in for an Indian head massage to try to free up the tension in my traps – those two muscles that run down the side of your neck to your shoulders, but he suggested that I have a good, old-fashioned back and neck treatment instead… and could he use some sports massage techniques?

I should have known from the twinkle in his eye when I gave him the affirmative that it was not going to be pleasant. Hell, I’ve listened to Chris Moyles and his team receiving sports massage on the radio in the morning. Their squeals have confirmed to me that, generally, a sports massage tends to equate to pain before relief.

So, as I lay there with his elbow wedged into my semi-spinalis capitis, exhaling enthusiastically to try to relieve the agony and knowing that he still had to do the other side, I heard my voice say: ‘So, do you have a website?’.

His response echoed the well-worn path of other friends in business… and that’s when the idea struck me. I knew that I needed to have a lot more treatment to really get better but I couldn’t afford to come twice a week every week. So supposing, instead of using cold, hard cash, we came to some sort of mutually benefical arrangement that utilised the swap of services.

And that’s when I made the appointment to see him and discuss it properly.

I’m not sure that I really thought this business deal through properly because, as things stand, he gets to look at my bottom and inflict pain, whilst I get to stay up ’til 2am cursing the computer…. hmmmm…

Anyway, no cash has changed hands but he has a fully-functioning website with an ongoing marketing strategy and I can now turn my neck to either side without experiencing the familiar tightness and discomfort.

He’s now moving in on my tight hamstrings and I’m looking at the many opportunities to list his business with online directories.

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Starting Your Own Small Business

So, here we go!

Finally, I get my act together and start a blog about my own activities on the internet.

It’s all very well telling people that I can get them online and then find them customers, but if I can’t do it for myself, then there’s no pudding and certainly no proof.

In the eight months since I first attended an ‘internet marketing’ seminar, I have been sifting through all the different ways to make money on the ‘net.

And what I’ve discovered is that the only people who are really making money are the ones who are selling products that will make you money on the internet.

Invariably, there is one vital piece missing from all of their ‘inclusive courses’ or ‘mentoring programs’ – OOMPH!

People either don’t have the energy or the confidence to get out there and have a go.

Well, I’ve tried most of the methods now and I’ve made a few bob here and there but certainly nothing that would buy me a new Ferrari… or even support my expensive vegan chocolate habit.

I felt as if I had wasted my time and should go and get a proper job.

However, that’s when it struck me.  All these months, I’ve been learning all these systems to generate traffic to websites that were built from blogging templates.

I should be starting my own small business working with all this knowledge. In comparison to a lot of people, I am an expert in this area.
"Jo Shaer Social Media Solutions"
And who are the people I interact with every day?  Small local businesses who don’t have the budget to hire an expensive web designer and don’t have the time to market themselves online.

What they need is someone who can build them an affordable website that they can run themselves and a virtual assistant who will handle their online advertising strategy, preferably using as many free methods as possible.

Hello!  I’m over here!!!

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