Bulk Deleting Messages From Horde

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Be aware that Horde’s clunky and hard to use system has become even more incomprehensible. I had a site that was attacked by a bot sending out hundreds of email messages and, when the attack was stopped, it left all those messages in the Horde inbox of my client’s email. So how to bulk delete… Continue reading

The post Bulk Deleting Messages From Horde appeared first on Lollipop Local: SEO Services | Social Media Optimisation.

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Dropping Off On The ZigZags Is An Offence

One of the parents at school alerted me to something which was published in the Daily Mail on 13th March.

A dad had stopped to let his child get out of the car in Shoeburyness.

But he had done it on the zigzags on the approach to a zebra crossing by a school.

I see this every morning on my crossing.

Sometimes I am stopping the traffic to let people cross but, on other occasions, I am not.

And yet parents still stop their cars at the crossing with no thought for the drivers in the cars behind them.

Their child then opens the door and gets out in the road.  In most cases between the railing and the pavement .

The railing is there to confirm that passengers are not encouraged to alight from cars onto the pavement in this area.

The zigzags are there to indicate that cars are not allowed to park in this area.

However I have also seen them get out into the middle of the road into the path of oncoming traffic.

The parent in the article found himself the recipient of a fixed penalty notice for £70 – £35 if he pays within 15 days.

He is not very happy.

But he has committed an offence!

You are not allowed to park on the zigzags.  If someone is getting out of the car, you have not just stopped, you have parked.

It is as simple as that.



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Southend Against The Cuts – March and Rally

This is not a political post but there will be a rally and march on Saturday 6 October which will allow Southend residents to show their opposition to the various cuts that have been proposed by Central Government to deal with the current economic crisis.

The organisers are working under the banner

People before profit
Defend jobs, services and pensions
Defend our communities

For more information visit their website www.southendagainstthecuts.wordpress.com

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Starting Your Own Small Business

So, here we go!

Finally, I get my act together and start a blog about my own activities on the internet.

It’s all very well telling people that I can get them online and then find them customers, but if I can’t do it for myself, then there’s no pudding and certainly no proof.

In the eight months since I first attended an ‘internet marketing’ seminar, I have been sifting through all the different ways to make money on the ‘net.

And what I’ve discovered is that the only people who are really making money are the ones who are selling products that will make you money on the internet.

Invariably, there is one vital piece missing from all of their ‘inclusive courses’ or ‘mentoring programs’ – OOMPH!

People either don’t have the energy or the confidence to get out there and have a go.

Well, I’ve tried most of the methods now and I’ve made a few bob here and there but certainly nothing that would buy me a new Ferrari… or even support my expensive vegan chocolate habit.

I felt as if I had wasted my time and should go and get a proper job.

However, that’s when it struck me.  All these months, I’ve been learning all these systems to generate traffic to websites that were built from blogging templates.

I should be starting my own small business working with all this knowledge. In comparison to a lot of people, I am an expert in this area.
"Jo Shaer Social Media Solutions"
And who are the people I interact with every day?  Small local businesses who don’t have the budget to hire an expensive web designer and don’t have the time to market themselves online.

What they need is someone who can build them an affordable website that they can run themselves and a virtual assistant who will handle their online advertising strategy, preferably using as many free methods as possible.

Hello!  I’m over here!!!

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