Awareness and Self Defence Course in Southend on Sea

Recently it has been reported recently that thefts of mobile phones are up by 17%.

Lack of Awareness in Children and Young People

Police Community Support Officers in Southend and Leigh-on-Sea have noticed that many young children are wandering around with their noses buried in their mobile phones with no thought for what’s going on around them. These children are not accompanied by an adult and could easily become the victims of a crime.  Especially as their mobile phones are often the more expensive models.

The PCSOs alert children to how vulnerable they are making themselves. However it’s something that parents and mentors should also be aware of.

Adults –  including Business Owners – also Lack Awareness

You would think that adults would have more self- awareness – but no! Even business owners are updating their social media statuses as they walk along.  People constantly checking their texts for the latest gossip or where they are due to meet their friends.

With new technology, tourists and visitors to a town can check Google Maps on their phones to get their bearings and to find the locations of restaurants and attractions.  They too are vulnerable to a surprise attack by muggers.

For both adults and children, the problem is that they walk along with the phone glued to their ear. They are so intent upon their conversation that they are virtually oblivious to what is going on around them.

Whilst a law abiding Citizen will see a mobile phone, a thief sees a wad of cash attached to their ear. S/he can quickly snatch that hone and be off before the victim knows what has happened. But it’s not just phones, music players with earphones are equally as problematic.

These crimes don’t just happen at night. They can happen during the daytime as well.

MUGGERS TRICKS – Distraction

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Britain’s First Female Self-Made Billionaire

"dame-mary-perkins-billionaire"Whilst many will huff and puff about the increase in wealth of the super-rich as evidenced by the publication of the 2011 Sunday Times Rich List, the Press Association highlights the appearance of Britain’s first female self-made billionaire.

Dame Mary Perkins, together with her husband, Douglas, the founders of SpecSavers, whose fortune increased by 42% over last year.

Another interesting fact mentioned in the article is that, for the first time, 10% of the List is made up of women with 108 of the 1000 listed.

Not that I am particularly focussed on accumulating millions, but it gives hope for the rest of us women in small business that success really is possible.

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We Want To Work… in Southend and Leigh-on-Sea

Will you be recruiting this Summer?
A brand new website portal devised by an Essex couple is the first of its kind in the UK, and is set to revolutionise recruitment. is unlike all other internet based services, as here the employers and jobseekers can contact each other directly and cut out the middleman – in exactly in the same way sites such as and help us find love. is the brainchild of Sharon Longshaw and Phil Lacey from Southend, who had become frustrated dealing with conventional recruitment agencies.

Garden designer Sharon found taking on temporary staff to cover holidays and periods of absence was almost prohibitively expensive or too slow; while Photographer Phil found most temporary positions offered meant low job satisfaction, low wages and positions that didn’t always suit his skills and qualifications.

Sharon says “We wanted to do things differently, and as there was nothing currently in the market we decided to design it ourselves. The inspiration came from the way dating sites operate by filtering and searching using profiles, and then putting people directly in touch with each other to get on with it.” empowers employers and job seekers as they take the recruitment process into their own hands. The site offers job seekers a means to showcase their skills, qualifications and experience, while giving employers immediate, cost-effective access to jobseekers in their local area.

Sharon again “Recruitment agencies and conventional job websites really take the biscuit – they cost a fortune, take forever and never work properly for either side. With our site we are giving the power back to the people.” is currently seeking 200 UK Employers for a 6 month free trial to our service which officially launches on 1st June 2011. There’s no catch and as a thank you we will offer you 50% off of your first full year’s subscription once the trial period is over.

All we ask is that you are planning to take on new staff within the 6 months following June the 1st 2011 and be willing to answer 3 short questionnaires to help us make sure everything is running as it should be.

During the trial period you will have full access to enabling you to search, contact and hire unlimited candidates.

Please contact Sharon or Phil on 01702 410034 or email for more details and to register your interest.

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A Busy Weekend for Shambhala Studios

"shambhala-studios-at-village-green-2010"Shambhala Studios of Maple Avenue, Leigh-on-Sea had a really busy weekend with a stand at the Village Green Fayre in Chalkwell Park on Saturday.

Lyn, Amanda, Alison, Lorna, Lois and the rest of the ladies braved the windy conditions to chat with lots of people about yoga, pilates, tai chi, acupuncture and the other holistic therapies that are on offer at the Studio.

"amanda-turns-turtle-for-Mark-Freeth"Then, on Sunday, the eagerly awaited return visit of Mark Freeth who showed everyone how yoga can be used to build up and refine core strength so that you can really control your body movement.

Amanda, managed to achieve some postures not possible for the rest of us mere mortals so please don’t try this at home without Mark there to guide you!

See more twisted pictures in the Shambhala Studios album

September sees the launch of a new timetable with classes for all abilities available during the day, as well as in the evenings.

Visit the Shambhala Studios website or call Nicky on 01702 478924 for more information.

SPECIAL OFFER!!!!   Quote “Lollipop” and new students can get their first class for free.

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