Dropping Off On The ZigZags Is An Offence

One of the parents at school alerted me to something which was published in the Daily Mail on 13th March.

A dad had stopped to let his child get out of the car in Shoeburyness.

But he had done it on the zigzags on the approach to a zebra crossing by a school.

I see this every morning on my crossing.

Sometimes I am stopping the traffic to let people cross but, on other occasions, I am not.

And yet parents still stop their cars at the crossing with no thought for the drivers in the cars behind them.

Their child then opens the door and gets out in the road.  In most cases between the railing and the pavement .

The railing is there to confirm that passengers are not encouraged to alight from cars onto the pavement in this area.

The zigzags are there to indicate that cars are not allowed to park in this area.

However I have also seen them get out into the middle of the road into the path of oncoming traffic.

The parent in the article found himself the recipient of a fixed penalty notice for £70 – £35 if he pays within 15 days.

He is not very happy.

But he has committed an offence!

You are not allowed to park on the zigzags.  If someone is getting out of the car, you have not just stopped, you have parked.

It is as simple as that.



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