Google Plus Training For Beginners – My Precious!

Lots of people have been asking me about when my Google+ training for beginners will be running.

What has become very clear is that people think it’s just another social network. It’s just like Facebook, only Google.

Well you could not be more wrong!

Google+ for Google is like My Precious to Gollum in Lord Of The Rings.

It’s the one ring that rules all their other products.

It controls YouTube and Gmail.

It’s what allows business owners to claim their Google Places/Plus Local listing.

And it’s what customers need to log in with if they want to leave a review for a supplier.

Where it differs from My Precious is that putting on that ring hides the user. Your Google+ Page is the equivalent of donning a high visibility jacket – for both PC and mobile.

Get Seen By More People Through Google+

If you have set up your Google+ Local business page correctly, your business could be amongst the first to be seen when a potential customer searches via a mobile for the nearest supplier of your product or service. Or when they search for it on PC.

A Google+ Page is also the best way to control the information that Google displays for your business in its knowledge graph

So, if you want to lay hands on your Precious and start using Google+ to get noticed, you really need to get yourself onto our course.

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