How To Change Twitter Password – Updated for May 2014

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Back in 2012, there was an announcement from PC World that a security breach at Zendesk, the customer service support platform, had resulted in the possibility of hacks to accounts on Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Here’s a post that tells you how to change your Twitter password.

It’s simple enough to accomplish a Twitter password change. And, in a May 2014 update – see below – Twitter have made the process simpler for those who are on mobiles and without access to their PC. You can now have a code texted to a mobile phone associated with your Twitter account or an email sent to an address associated with the account.

Step 1 to change Twitter password

Log in using your existing account details and then click the arrow beside the cog on the top navigation bar at the right.

Step 2 to change password on Twitter

This will reveal a drop down menu with the Settings option. Click that.

Step 3 for Twitter password reset

On the left hand side, you will now see several options. If you click Password, you will see the option to reset your password. First, you need to enter the existing password and then the new version and a verification.

Don’t forget to Save your changes!

Twitter Password Security update – May 2014

Twitter have now updated their security arrangements to allow you to “associate your mobile phone” with your Twitter account. In a blog post they explain that this is for those people who are travelling or have limited access to their devices.

Obviously, this is not much good for those who have forgotten or lost their Twitter password

In the Account section which you will see at the top of the menu options at Step 3, you will see an option to require personal information to reset the password. This means that you will need to input either your email or telephone number to confirm that it is actually you doing the resetting. Certainly something worth thinking about.

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Are you using your Twitter profile effectively for business?

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