I Don’t Speak Geek

"i-dont-speak-geek"It’s no good, I have to admit it.

Despite aspirations to the contrary, I find computer technology really difficult.

I just don’t speak Geek with any fluency.

Being a woman, I am not necessarily the most logical of humans. Being this woman, I find it extremely hard to try to translate what a techie is saying from Geek into English.

As I explained to the computer guys at my new hosting company, who are busy writing manuals to assist new users, you have to remember that newbies are not only not competent, they are actually more likely to be incompetent in terms of working with computers.

When producing a help guide, you have to write in words of one syllable and never take any level of understanding for granted. Even down to logging in where necessary.

And then, after you’ve proof read your document, you need to find a non-Geek to work through the instructions and test that they can be followed.

Most software manufacturers do not do this. And I have fallen foul of their inability to explain clearly on numerous occasions since I first started to become involved in Internet Marketing.

I’ve spent two days now trying to change a site from one hosting company to another. That, in itself, would not have been too difficult. What’s causing the problem is that I have a lot of sites that I want to put on one account – I’m far too thrifty to consider shelling out for separate hosting for each of my sites when I can get them all together for one smaller payment plus a bit of techie work on my part.

The guys at the hosting company did offer to do it for me but the problem with that is that you never learn from that arrangement. It’s not that I want to become a techie, just that I want to have a better grounding than I do currently – so some bloke can’t tap me on the head, patronisingly, at a future date and try to blind me with science – as plumbers and electricians have done regularly on the domestic front.

I guess, at the end of the day, that I want to be able to offer a properly rounded service to my clients. Sure, I will learn how to delegate those things that I’m not so good at in order to focus on my strengths.

But I also think it is very important to have a working knowledge of all areas so that anyone I employ to help me cannot ‘extract the proverbial’…

Anyway, with my usual tenacious determination, I will persevere and, by the end of the week, I will understand how the new WordPress template works with multi-users… and, as a result, I will have improved my understanding of the platform generally.

Onwards and upwards… with a few frustrated curses for good measure.

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