LAST CHANCE TO GET £4K to Bring Your Digital Marketing In-House

I am reminded that Essex County Council are still promoting a funding programme for Essex businesses which is finishing on 31 March 2016.

The Digital Skills for Growth programme enables Essex businesses to receive up to £4,000 for each employee they hire to go towards developing their digital skills. As long as the employee is an Essex resident and going into a digital based role, they can cover 70% of the course fee for any training that will enhance their skills and help your business to grow.

Recruit or promote a digital marketer

Yes, you heard that right!  If you employ a person to take on your digital marketing, you can get £4000 worth of FREE training – providing you stump up the remaining 30%.

An alternative is to move an existing employee into the Digital Marketing role and take on a new employee to fill that existing employee’s role.  Yes, you are still eligible for a grant to cover 70% of any training costs.

Who can train your digital marketing employee?

The types of courses which are covered by the funding include:  Digital Marketing, Social Media and SEO and, of course, Lollipop are your favourite local supplier for all of these.

What industries can apply for the Digital Skills for Growth funding?

LAST CHANCE TO GET £4K to Bring Your Digital Marketing In-House
Source: Lolly Feed

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