Location, Location, Location

I know I keep banging on about how important Local is to Google but here’s a list of the location products they currently have in the offing in the States. And, invariably, what happens over there comes over here fairly soon thereafter.

Google Latitude – see where your friends are right now

Google Places – Local recommendations and reviews powered by you and your friends

Google Hotpot – Rate places and get personalised recommendations

Google Maps for web and mobile devices

Google Tags – a sponsored link (you have to pay) addition to Google Places with special yellow markers that allow business owners to promote important aspects of their business – offers, photos, selected features – in the Google Search results

Google Boost Ads – Boost ads can appear in the ‘sponsored links’ section of Google.com and Google maps search results pages

Google Goggles – use pictures taken with your mobile phone to search the internet. If you cant describe it in words, take a picture and wait for the search results

Google NFC – new search location filters for mobile devices

Google +1 or Google.me – a social networking layer

Google Ventures Investments

See Social Wayne’s full descriptions for more information

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