Man Massaging Woman

"man massaging woman"“Well, so long as you can get over having the treatment from a man…”

Errr…. what?

It was the third time someone had something of that nature when I mentioned my current treatment plan.

It’s funny but I’ve never really even thought about it. I’ve had massage from two male osteopaths and now a professional masseur and they have all been totally professional and focused on protecting my modesty with judicious positioning of towels when it comes to some of the more intimate areas.

The thing is, I have tight hamstrings. This means that they are going to have to get to grips with my leg above the knee and my hamstrings connect to other muscles in the buttock so there is going to be some contact with that area if I want to get better.

Would anyone even mention it if it was my female physiotherapist doing the work? No.

Would they be concerned if the positions were reversed and it was a female masseuse and a male patient? No.

There is still some curious Victorian hang up about a woman receiving such treatment from a man. Just because it is a man massaging a woman, there is this inherent fear that he’s suddenly going to be overcome with lust and turn into a mad slavering beast… or risk his entire professional future to cop a sneaky feel.

Now I know I have a fabulous derriere but really… even I’m not so vain as to believe that it’s worth that.

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