Who’s Using Google Plus?

With thanks to PR Daily for this infographic on Who’s Using Google Plus.

It looks like it’s mid-range salary males aged 25-34 in the US, followed by their counterparts in India.

It is also interesting to note that, of the 40 million people who have signed up, only 17% are actually active.

However, recent reports have shown that Google Plus posts are starting to appear in the organic search for certain keywords so whether that situation will begin to change as we start 2012 remains to be seen, especially if there is a groundswell of activity from the 61% of business brands who have a Google Plus Business Page.

Certainly the launch of these Pages coincided with a surge in US visits from 5.1 million to 6.8 million.

google plus users

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Social Media For Small Business Infographic

social media for businessFigures from the US on social media for business from Constant Contact, who surveyed 2000 small businesses to investigate their attitudes to social media marketing.

According to their statistics, 81% confirmed that they are now using social media for business marketing and almost half of them revealed that it didn’t take too much time.

It would be interesting to see how UK companies view the medium – particularly the figures for the platform on which small businesses find it most effective to engage customers. Whilst our American cousins gave Facebook 86%, my own experience has been that this figure dropped dramatically after the adaptation of the Edgerank algorithm and the change of usage for small business marketing which meant that they could no longer communicate with those who had liked the page, other than through the Wall.

Even events became a problem area now that it is only possible to issue invitations to personal friends rather than people who have liked the page.

There seems to be a deliberate attempt to separate businesses from their established customer base and push them towards sponsored stories and Facebook ads.

I can only hope that things will improve with Google Plus ramping up the communication possibilities.

Social Media for Small Business

Whilst the big two still retain the high ground for SEO possibilities, when it comes to Social Media for Business, for me, Twitter is becoming a far more effective way to meet and engage with business owners who might eventually become customers. This fact was confirmed by the surveys findings where 60% found Twitter effective in reaching potential clients, up by 13% from the figures they gathered six months previously. The appreciation of Linked In had also increased by the same amount, whereas Facebook had only risen by 4%.


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Google Places URL shortener

At last, Google have made it possible to easily produce a shortened form of the Google Places page url.

Nyagoslav at OptiLocal has alerted me to the fact that, instead of


it is now possible to create a shortened form of that url to give to other people.

Click on the map that is situated to the right of the required Google Places page and in the top right hand corner, you will see a chain link.   December 2011 Update – Google have now moved this chain link to the top of the left hand sidebar

url shortener on Google Places

Click that and you have the option to create a short ‘goo’ link that you can save and use for anyone that you would like to direct to your Places Page

url shortener on google-places


Lollipop Local Google Places Page via Google URL shortener

I have been waiting for this for some months now. It’s going to make it much easier to send satisfied customers in the direction of your Google Places page when they ask where they can leave a positive testimonial.

I really hope that this is one of the Google Places changes that sticks around.

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How Americans use Social Media

how americans use social media

This graphic by TweetSmarter was rather interesting as it tends to confirm my own suspicions about how UK residents use Facebook.

It’s not to get access to discounts or coupons or be exposed to products but to keep in touch with old friends and family members who may not live close by.

More and more I come round to the idea that Facebook is for social purposes not business – unless you have an emotional product like weight loss or fitness where the wall acts as a sort of forum for people to encourage each other.

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Should You Use Twitter for Business Infographic

should you use twitter for business

This fabulous infographic from FlowTown via Search Engine Journal really clarifies what Twitter is about for business owners who are slightly confused.

Use Twitter For Business

There are two ways of using social media for business – one which makes you money and the other way. Talking solely about the weather or current events and never finding a way to link it back to a business opportunity is just wasting your time on Twitter as far as business is concerned.

Take the weather example. If you have a client who rents out holiday homes, you can talk about the weather in that area and how the forecasters are predicting great weather the following weekend. Then you lead into some homes that are available, maybe at a discounted price because the clement weather is occurring at an unusual time in the season where demand is lower.

You see?

Why use Twitter for Business?

It’s about influencing people, preferably subtly rather than with an obvious sledgehammer. It’s about giving them a drip feed of information that helps them to trust not only you but to be aware of your product or service when the time comes that they actually need to use it – your name will come into their mind first because of the association.

Click the link to find out more about how Twitter works for small businesses.
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