Keep Trade Local

"keep-trade-local"The Federation of Small Businesses’ Keep Trade Local campaign is working to stem the tide of business closures, as well as reverse the trend of the decline of independent shops and defend the choice and diversity that customers deserve.

To ensure a viable future for independent shops on and off the high streets in the UK, the FSB is now working harder than ever to reassert the voice of small businesses at every level of government and make your voice heard.

Your local high street needs your support because sustaining a high street and a community is not only about shopping locally from independent small shops. It is about ensuring that the high street and people who live in the community have a viable sustainable future. Parking, transport, procurement, the threats of supermarkets and out-of town developments – all these issues are best dealt with by local authorities, local community groups, local businesses and local people working together.

By tackling crime, emphasising local procurement, finding alternative methods of funding for small local businesses, revolutionising the Post Office, saving local pubs and improving skill sets within small businesses, the FSB is working hard to Keep Trade Local.

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How To Engage On Facebook

The problem with Facebook is that it effectively censors some of your and your friends’ status updates.

For some reason, it will show you hours old updates from some people and ignore brand new content from others.

Here’s a great article that gives some tips on how to get your message to the top of the pile but also how to make friends and relationships on Facebook.

How Fans Behave and How You Should Respond

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