Social Media and Riots

social-media-and-riotsFurther to this post on Social Media and Civil Unrest in London I was reminded of my own small exposure to young people and mobile phones when, unknown to us, one of my children had a ‘surprise’ party when left home alone.

The planned small gathering turned into a mob of 50 people outside our house when the address of the party appeared on My Space. After being prevented from entering the party, the young people then attempted to access the house illegally via any means possible – through the open windows or by scaling the side gate.

Our neighbours called the police who managed to shepherd those outside to the local station whilst those inside the house decided to leave of their own accord.

In their wake, they left a trail of devastation – mud everywhere, cigarette burns in baths and furniture, an attempt to set fire to some posters, the theft of any edible goods or alcohol upon which they could lay their hands and the distribution of a large quantity of noodles which we were still discovering behind furniture and on the ceiling some weeks after.

However, we know that we were extremely lucky to escape so lightly – we were the first of four houses in the Southend area upon which they descended that Saturday evening and, as they got progressively more drunk, they got exponentially more destructive. The events of that evening actually made the front page of the Echo.

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