Someone Wants To Be My Friend on Facebook But I Don’t Want Them To See All My Status Updates

We’ve all had it happen.

The dreaded friend request from someone that you know… but don’t want them to know you quite that well.

And yet it would be rude not to accept. Bad feeling might be caused.

This is when knowing how to use Facebook’s privacy settings comes into its own.

So, accept the friend request.

Then go in to your friends list by clicking on the Friends tab underneath your cover image.

Type the friend’s name in the search bar.

When the name comes up, hover over it and a box will appear. Click on the Friends button and you will see your lists. If Restricted doesn’t show, you can click on See More.

Select Restricted and that person will only see status updates that you make Public.

If you have your privacy set as default to Friends only, then nothing will show in that person’s newsfeed.

I should point out that if you do set a status update individually to go public, you will need to go back and reset your default privacy settings as friends because it overrides the default permanently.

With thanks to Shawn Abel for sorting this out.

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