Creating Website Content for Small Business Customer Relationship Management

Despite what some experts may tell you, engaging in social media marketing for business will not produce results quickly. This is a long-term game with connections being made and interaction being undertaken.

However, one of the main problems is learning exactly what to say to promote small business customer relationship management on Twitter. You only have 140 characters and, as I’ve mentioned before, endlessly Tweeting uplifting but recycled quotes is going to become tiresome. This is why you need to utilise a blog or RSS feed for creating website content that is interesting and informative which can then be referred to via a link in a Tweet or Facebook status update.

As a writer, with a bit of research, I can produce relevant articles that address the needs of a website’s audience but this should also be accompanied by a mixture of other transmission methods because not everyone learns effectively through the same type of media. This is why content creation should involve video, audio as well as written posts. Sometimes, it is possible to just transpose my own writing into audio or visual media but at others I need to be a curator – searching the internet for information that will appeal to the website’s audience, whether it be by links, utilising article directories, retweets or rewriting less well composed articles to better relate the ideas.

The next area to be addressed is the question of frequency. How often do you need to post to satisfy both your reader and the Google algorithm’s need for refreshed content. You don’t want to come across as just another marketer by overloading people with useless information, but you don’t want to give the impression that furnishing your site with new content is low on your list of priorities.

And, finally, quality control. It’s all very well having software and automation in the form of RSS feeds, but you need to check what’s being submitted in your/your client’s name prior to publication. You must watch the videos and read the articles that you are offering to your audience as informative content on your client’s behalf. Vet everything, as poorly written content or bad advice will not reflect well and could damage your site’s reputation rather than enhance it.

The best advice when creating website content is to choose your output carefully to ensure that you become a trusted source of valuable information and drip-feed its release.

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