Learn Twitter for Small Business Customer Relationship Management

One of the big problems with social media is over-hype. Online marketers insist that this is the greatest marketing tool for getting access to potential customers online and small business customer relationship management but they persist in making the same mistakes over and over again. They don’t take the time to learn Twitter and to run a campaign that successfully utilises social media marketing for business, this is vital.

Auto-follow is the biggest no-no. If someone follows you, you don’t necessarily need to follow them. It really depends what sort of Tweeter they are because so many auto-followers do so only to be able to send you thousands of sales messages. They are not interested in clicking links to your sales pages or even reading tweets about your life. And that’s why programs that encourage you to auto-follow and strategies that rely on such programs are doomed to failure.

Reading ‘How To Out-Socialise the Gurus on Twitter and Other Social Media’ by Marty Bradfield (c) 2010 OnlĂ­ne Marketing Bootcamp, he talks about how mass marketers are focussed solely upon themselves, whereas those who use social media tend to be social marketers who are dedicated to building and nurturing social relationships with people with whom they would like to do business.

Here’s how he encourages us to learn how to use Twitter in the right way:

The first step to mastering social media marketing is to learn how to attract people. Auto-follow will not ever work towards that end. In order to attract people who want to follow you, you must inspire them to want to follow you.

It is funny when I watch the people who are trying to market themselves on Twitter.

Some of those people will send out an endless supply of quotes, trying to convince you of their value, because they have said something clever through the words of another person.

Others will send out sales message after sales message hoping to attract your business.

"learn-twitter"Still others will try to win your support by focusing on key words. They want to treat Twitter as if it were search engine driving traffic to their website.

Some Twitter users will make certain to include a link with every tweet. The smarter of the lot will only link to information. The more shallow of the group will only link to sales pages.

And finally, there are those who are probably smarter than all of us put together. They are the ones who provide a mix of content. Sometimes, they will give us a link to information. Sometimes, they will link us to the sales page. At other times, they will share quotes and news headlines. And in all cases, they will socialize with their followers, asking about things important to their followers and sharing their personal lives with those who ask.

The Lesson To Take From This Article

Social media marketing works best, when the marketer who is attempting to use it, remembers that first and foremost it is a platform to socialize with other people.

Why do people follow YOU on Twitter?

They follow you, because there is something about you and what you say that appeals to them at a very human level.

If you want to win in the Social Media element, be human and don’t be afraid to socialize with your friends and acquaintances.

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