Women Small Business Owners

It’s been a fairly exciting day… if a little mundane in places… and my poor client has been inundated with free listing sites trying to make him upgrade to a paying package.

That’s the downside of the process of getting to the front page of Google for your chosen keyword. The phone rings a lot and not necessarily with interested customers.

Looking at the success of the strategy in terms of quick success, I know that I shall have to do it for my own business. The problem is that I don’t have a shop front that I can use as an address. All the listings seem to require a physical presence and I really don’t want my home address and phone number plastered all over the web in conjunction with my name. The privacy vs publicity factor must be a concern for a lot of women small business owners – especially at a time when there can be so many strange people about.

I have the registered address of the business, but that is in London so no good really for local listing purposes.

I considered asking one of my clients if I could use their address for this purpose, since they are all nearby but most of the listings specify that only one listing is allowed per address.

In the end I spoke with one of the listing companies and they have said that the town and postcode will be sufficient for my purpose.

So, even though this still leaves me feeling rather exposed, I see no option but to go ahead on this basis.

I need more area-focused publicity to showcase what I am trying to do for my local businesses.

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