WordPress Multi User

"wordpress-multi-user"I’m afraid I had to give up on WordPress Multi User. In theory, it’s a brilliant idea. Access to all your sites from one dashboard.

However, in practice, it’s a bit of a bodge. There is confusion over site mapping and, certainly, the Google XML Sitemap is not compatible. There are some special MU plug-ins but then there was conflicting advice over use of those too. Was I using a special Multi User plug in or just a function of regular WordPress? I know I had to change the coding in two files to make it happen but the suggestion was that with the new 3.0 version of WordPress, it contained a built-in multi-site facility that was different to the previous multi user format.

Despite the fact that there were several experts giving advice online, none of them seemed totally confident that they had everything up and running. Whilst it wasn’t too difficult to adapt the site to get the multi-user facility, everything seemed to fall down after that, especially if you’re not a fully-fledged geek.

The problem was that, if I wanted to host more than one site on the vcluster hosting at Fubra, I had to do it using WordPress Multi User and I wasn’t totally confident that it was working properly. I had a duty to my various clients to ensure that their site was being properly crawled by the Google spiders and I could not guarantee that. There were also issues over using different versions of the same template on the various sites. The only way to provide a proper hosting package was to have separate vclusters for each client at a cost of nearly £6 per month, almost double what was available at standard UK hosting sites.

So, despite the fact that the customer service at Fubra and the quality of the hosting itself was exceptional, I was left with no option but to bite the bullet and get a different UK web host account that would allow me separate cpanels for each individual client.

Unfortunately, it then took me two hours of faffing about to remove the code from the wp-config file that would change the site from Multi User back to single use again.

It doesn’t help that my laptop just doesn’t seem to like the new multiple user hosting account – it takes ages to load any of the pages. I’ve switched off my firewall and that makes no difference. But it’s only the sites hosted on the new account that are affected and only on my networked laptop. It seems to work fine on the wired PC.

Very frustrating.

On the plus side, I have a new project that will see me getting up close and personal with both WordPress and Drupal.

I’m very excited and totally trepidatious all at the same time.

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