What Does Google Like?

Content, Content, Content!!!!

If you want your site to rank well with Google, unique, well-written, keyword-rich content is King.

This is your on-site search engine optimisation.  Looking at all your pages and ensuring that you have done everything to attract Google’s attention.

However, too much information in an unstructured environment is going to confuse your readers.  So, you have to find a template for your website that will please your readers and still appeal to Google.

These days, the concensus is that Google loves unique content on a WordPress site.

But the Big G also likes links… but not too many too quickly.  Which means that you have to take things slowly and work with appropriate sites.  You need to make it look as if your site is building relationships like a human would.  There are all sorts of automated tools out there which will give you hundreds of links within a couple of hours.  And it may work for ranking in the short term but this will flag up your site pretty quickly as being ‘not quite right’.  So, you need to strike the right balance.

In the past, SEO experts have relied solely on these two.  However, in June 2010 Google changed its algorithm and, in the last week or so, the buzz has been all about Caffeine, its new web indexing system which provides  results for web searches that are 50 percent fresher than their previous index.

And a third requirement has been added in to the equation when you try to work out the answer to what does Google like.

So many of the super-duper, whistles and bells, singing and dancing websites that you see are static.  I know what you’re thinking:  Yes, they do move.  All those flashing elements, designed to get your attention are for your benefit, they do nothing for Google.

What Google wants to see is activity.  A site that is continually changing with fresh, new content and useful information. But it also wants human visitors.  Physical manifestations of interested traffic.

You can have the most beautiful, expensive and sophisticated website but, if no one knows that it’s there, was it really worth the money?

These are the Holy Trinity of Ranking – Content, Links and Activity.

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