When great website ideas fail your manufacturing business

I salute manufacturers who search for great website ideas, far too many don’t. There are still those that think a website built by a friend of the founder when the company was formed is sufficient. These out of date dinosaurs just don’t cut it. So I salute those bucking the trend.

A great website design is critical to grab the attention of your visitor but it is not enough to retain that attention. Your research can involve wading through hundreds of spectacular website design ideas but whichever fantastic design you choose will only hold a visitor’s interest for so long.

Loads of great website ideas

Of the gazillions of brilliant website ideas out there, the minimalist  Less Is More approach is one favoured by many web designers and a great choice. A minimalist website layout can look clean and breathtakingly elegant while making it easy for the user to find what they are looking for. 

When great website ideas fail your manufacturing business
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