Who We Follow and Unfollow on Facebook

Why We Follow and Unfollow on Facebook infographic

Interesting infographic from NMIncite and Social Media Examiner about why we follow and unfollow people on Facebook. Friends and Frenemies as it was described.

Who We Follow On Facebook

The 82% who follow ‘people they know in real life’ is not really a surprise.

And I guess neither really is the 8% who trawl the internet following people they find physically attractive, which probably explains the collection of gentlemen who want to be my Facebook friend when I have no clue as to their identity. I suspect I should feel flattered

Who We UnFollow On Facebook

Over half the unfollows were due to offensive comments and 39% for persistently selling stuff – a warning for all of us who mix business with pleasure a little too often.


I did smile at the stats which say that men are most likely to use social media for business networking and dating, whilst women are more likely to be looking for discounts and to give positive feedback.

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